Apple & Raspberry J20's 12 pack £3.45 at Asda

Apple & Raspberry J20's 12 pack £3.45 at Asda

Found 18th Oct 2010
Saw these on Asda grocery site yesterday the same price as the 4 packs. Thought it must be a misprice but ordered anyway for delivery today. Just had them delivered at £3.45 for 12 works out just under 29p a bottle. Shopping delivered from the Trafford Park store.
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Cannot add to trolley, not available when I sign in !!
worked for me thanx!!!!
not there when I log in either :(:(
thanks! it's avaliable for delivery from brighton marina
yup it shows available wen im not signed in , but then dissapears wen i sign in!! same thing hapen to me with fairy washing up liquid a few months ago, when it was on special offer!
Iv just signed in & its there for me....Wonder if they will have any in store if pop down in the morning
Works for me, clapham junction asda!!!
not available for me :-(
has anyone got this yet?
sod this fruity crap and get some australian in ya!

get some australian in ya!

If the Australian is Hugh Jackman, then my wife would probably be happy to comply.
Just tried ordering it (the J20, not Mr Jackman). As the TV stations used to say - not available to those in Scotland (or at least Glasgow).
Popped down to my local Asda today - 2 packs bought at £3.54 each, absolute bargain. Heat added.
Found some in my asda today as well.

Not as good as this deal but they also had the Apple & Mango 12 bottle pack but that was for £7
Just got the last 3 packs on the shelf at the Chatham asda. Bargain! Heat added. Thank you!
Not in store asda Swansea,but I have made an order on line expecting it tomorrow so fingers crossed.Thankyou.
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