Apple Store TODAY ONLY further discount method for Macbook Air or Pro

Apple Store TODAY ONLY further discount method for Macbook Air or Pro

Posted 23rd Nov 2012
Note somebody has shared the Apple Store deal today.
And somebody has shared apple uk edu discount 15% for macbook air or pro before.

So here comes the combination.…ent
click the above link to today's gift page. Then scroll down and click macbook pro or air. then you will find the macbook pro and air will be cheaper than the normal promotion page.
For example, macbook air 13 inch low end will be £859 instead of £918

It does not apply on iPad or iPad mini though. I bought a new iPad for the family to cheer up my lady anyway.

Please check other macbook pro prices to find out the difference. it does save you at least 50 quid. The more expensive the model is, the more you save. I checked. the highest 15 inch macbook pro with retina display with save you £264.40.

Macbook Pro Price comparison

13inch 2.5Ghz £ 859.20 before £918.00
13inch 2.9Ghz £1,074.00 before £1,168.00
13inch 2.5Ghz with Retina Display 128GB SSD £1,245.60 before £1,368.00
13inch 2.5Ghz with Retina Display 256GB SSD £1,461.60 before £1,618.00

15inch 2.3Ghz £1,288.80 before £1,418.00
15inch 2.6Ghz £1,528.80 before £1,718.00
15-inch 2.3GHz with Retina display 256GB SSD £1,528.80 before £1,718.00
15-inch 2.6GHz with Retina display 512GB SSD £1,953.60 before £2,218.00

Macbook Air Price comparison

11-inch : 64GB £768.00 now £729.60
11-inch : 128GB £848.00 now £799.20

13-inch : 128GB £918.00 now £859.20
13-inch : 256GB £1,168.00 now £1,074.00
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Not a combination? Daxx, that is why I failed my college maths.

But anyway is cheaper than today-only deals.
love one of these
From what I can tell they are only applying both discounts to small things like Magic Mouse and Smart Cover, definitely not MacBooks
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