Apple TV 160GB for £216.99 @ Play

Apple TV 160GB for £216.99 @ Play

Found 2nd Feb 2008
Is available on and is showing twice with two prices, one at full price at £289.99 and another (Dif product code for some reason but NO DIFFERENCES between them) at £216.99. (£208.31 after 4% Quidco and any other discount vouchers including 10% discount on selected items with RAC membership)

Cheapest price elsewhere is around £265-£290. New update coming soon also by end of February bringing HD movie rentals (US only at the moment but workaround available by purchasing vouchers).


If it's on iTunes, it's on TV
Any time is prime time

With Apple TV, you can enjoy the home movies, music, and podcasts in your iTunes library, plus photos and movie trailers, on your widescreen TV wirelessly, from your Mac or PC. And youll be able to watch YouTube videos, too.


Ready to be entertained? Simply make sure youve imported all your videos, music, and photos into the iTunes library on your computer. Then let Apple TV do the rest. Sync

Apple TV automatically grabs the digital media on your computer and makes it available for you to enjoy on your TV. Best of all, whenever you add something new in iTunes, Apple TV updates automatically.


Thanks to the intuitive interface, finding what you want to watch is as easy as navigating a few simple menu items using the included Apple Remote. Just a few clicks and you'll be enjoying all your favorites from the comfort of your couch.
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voted hot because it seems cheap.

BUT if all this does is stream from a PC, i'd rather have a PS3 or 360 doing the same thing and more.
This is effectively a whole pc, and people have hacked them to install macosx...

Good if you have loads of macs and want it to work seamlessly, however there are some easier and cheaper options - depends on how much you value wireless.
It's just part of the whole iTunes eco-system. I have quite a few iTunes songs purchased from the iTunes store so it's more useful than my PS3. Also with the PS3, searching tracks is difficult using the XMB and .aac files don't show up with artwork.

Other benefits:

-Apple TV is also 802.11n so streaming is pretty fast.
-Interface is amazing too
-160Gig hard drive can be useful.
-You Tube integration
-Upcoming movie rentals from all major studio's

This is effectively a whole pc, and people have hacked them to install … This is effectively a whole pc, and people have hacked them to install macosx...Good if you have loads of macs and want it to work seamlessly, however there are some easier and cheaper options - depends on how much you value wireless.

It's actually really good PC in terms of hardware choice for its use, I'm not a big fan of Apple but I was really impressed with the setup for this machine. Unfortunately for my use as far as I'm aware you can't get XP on it?

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Everyone said that the first apple tv would be great and what an overstatement that turned out to be. I expect this one to fail aswell.
I've got this one, paid £230 but that was with staff discount from one of the Apple stores last year.

Also got a PS3 and this is the real deal when comes to streaming music across the network. Rentals will be out soon.

The only complaint would no Divx but if you search The Pirate Bay for H.264 MP4's which is a superior format you can find more than enough. Type in NewArtRiot and see his selection alone.
Nice one, cheers mate.

...not that i would steal films...:whistling:

I'm a seasoned Mac user from back in the day and as usual this is a polished bit of kit from Apple. I agree with many of the points here about specification, build etc but there is one very fatal stumbling block in the UK unfortunately.

Apple's whole thrust with this hardware and the iLife eco system has been going on for nearly 10 years now... the Mac at the centre of your (entire) digital life including communications like telephony and TV (well before Windows Media Centre I might add). In fact they had the iPod ready for video as long as 7 years ago but the codecs were too clunky, the content just did not exist and they desperately didn't want a VCD situation. So they kept the video function back for years until everyone caught up.

The major issue for the iTV now in the UK is very similar - content. In the US things are going swimmingly - they have partnerships with Disney, the Turner broadcasting empire etc and they have a plentiful supply of movies, big events, and critically, TV shows. Not in the UK and not likely in the near future.

The best you can hope for at the moment is a flow of amateurish Podcasts and the latest Britney music video... enough to put anyone off. Yes there is plenty of illegal video on the web and you can RIP DVD's for mpeg4 with ISquint but its quicker people to just put the dam DVD in the TV. Or watch it on your iBook on the go - not an iPod... who wants to watch 007 on a 3" screen???

What you need to make this work is significant content, fast delivery and the convenience of one click to pay and play. Rivals are delivering that already. Sorry Apple.

One of Apple's biggest hurdles in the UK is our extremely greedy corporate and government infrastructure - just look at petrol or any service for that matter... how about broadband - it's FREE in some cities in America! This delayed the iPhone launch significantly (cost of the UK service and tarif) and its not Apple's fault. Even on the music Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) has stated that they nearly gave up on the UK iTunes because of the governments wish to tax downloads and UK (based) record label charges.

In terms of TV programming and delivery no-one here is taking the long term (US) marketing model seriously. Provide the razor for free (infrastructure) and then you can charge (a subscription) for the blades (content). In England, its more a case of SCREW the customer for everything you can get now because they might not come back. Proof of this is the fact that we all have to constantly swap phone contracts and bank accounts to try a keep a decent rate of interest or charges down. It's so short sighted and destructive.

Then there is the BBC and ITV - two dinosaurs if I've ever seen one (two?). Look at the fiasco with On Digital where ITV tried to bully us into poor quality MPEG2 digital TV and get us to pay through the nose for it. Thank goodness that failed. Now they are trying to go the download route themselves. WHY? What experience has the BBC of running serious web applications, telephony and IT support. Focus on making better programmes. Partner up to deliver these through the web channel and why not with the most successful download service in the world, iTunes? But they wont.

Finally having bought an XBox 360 recently I cannot see the point of the Apple TV now at all. I've got many Macs and a Mac server on a WiFi and ethernet network at home - you could say I love Macs. But out of the box the console was easy to set up (minutes for broadband through NAT and DCHP, the web and messaging), it's a great games console, 120GB hard drive, it streams smoothly to my HD TV... AND it's a media storage console for music, video and TV. I can even purchase content directly over XBox live without a credit card... in seconds. It's extremely slick for anything Microsoft have touched even though I feel like a traitor.

With the new cooling system and updated chip, decent WiFi and a proper HDMi output I really think the XBox is a force now. It can also connect to a Mac so I'll be relaying all those mpeg 4 files shortly boys!

So my point is... with no TV and decent film content in sight and a better, broader featured console on the market for not much more money, who will want an Apple iTV? Sorry Apple but its not happening in the UK.

P :?

Sorry for long post :thumbsup:
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