This deal expires on 28 November at 23:59
Posted 27 September 2022

Apple TV Roku - Get three months free

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Old and new devices this time

Offer ends 28th November - New and existing users of Roku’s streaming devices and Roku TVs, can now get three months of Apple’s popular streaming service, Apple TV+, for free.

For a limited time, get 3 months free of Apple TV+.

Get all your favorite TV, all in one app. Watch exclusive Apple Originals from Apple TV+. Buy or rent new and popular movies. Subscribe to premium channels. All curated and personalized to you.


* The Apple TV app is the home of Apple TV+, the first all-original video subscription service that offers an award-winning and inspiring lineup of original shows, movies and documentaries from the world’s most creative storytellers. Subscribers can enjoy Apple Originals, including series like "Ted Lasso", "The Morning Show", and "Severance" as well as movies like "CODA" and “Finch” with new originals added every month.”

* Subscribe to just the channels you want and share with up to five family members. Subscribers can watch online or enjoy offline downloads of their favorite shows on the Apple TV app. Apple TV channels play in the Apple TV app ad-free, online or off with no additional apps, accounts, or passwords needed.

* Buy or rent new release movies or explore the catalog of over 100,000 movies and shows, including the largest catalog of 4K HDR movies.

How Do I Get Apple TV+ For Free On Roku?

To take advantage of Roku’s offer, all you need to do is install Roku’s Apple TV+ channel on your device (either directly on the device itself, or via the online channel store).

You have to redeem the offer by November 28, 2022.

Remember to either cancel before the three months is up or if contuining, remember to budget

Apple Store More details at Apple Store
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  1. Avatar
    Good offer, shame my old Roku Lt box can't install Apple TV, otherwise would have gone for this.
    Hi @KooksforU - I just recently had pretty much the same dilemma...

    I am a bit old-school, in-so-much-that I primarily download Netflix/Apple/Disney etc TV and films that I want to watch and use the Plex App to watch them from my Plex home server. I am [was] an LT user, and I was getting a bit fed up of not being able to use the on-demand browsing ability of Disney+ (which I'd got for a good value Tesco Clubcard Voucher exchange).

    Ultimately, in a reasonably rash impulse decision, on Friday evening I bought a Roku Express from Currys PCWorld for £19.99 (same price as Amazon). I HAVEN'T LOOKED BACK.

    Moving from the LT up to the Express still gives the same classic Roku look and feel, but having access to newer apps is great, and despite it being a model that's a couple of years old now .. compared to the LT? An amazing upgrade. Feels really fresh and responsive.

    I justified my purchase to me and the children by equating it to three fancy milkshakes from Five Guys that had cost me £16 whereas this is a thing we will all use for several years yet. Had I seen this offer for Apple TV+ I might have justified it by three months of Apple TV is £15...

    Just some words and observations from my recent experience. The low price of the Roku might warrant it, if Apple TV+ is something you would want. : )

  2. Avatar
    By ‘new signups’ does this mean new to Apple TV, or new to Roku? Just checking as I can’t see this in the description. Thanks.
    Apple TV, cheers
  3. Avatar
    Weirdly I got 6 months via my Roku soundbar - not complaining
  4. Avatar
    Marvelous, thank you OP
    Most welcome
  5. Avatar
    Excellent. Time to dust off the old Roku.
  6. Avatar
    Nice one, Thanks
  7. Avatar
    Already posted less than a month ago so the OP should be getting credit for this…804 (edited)
    You don't need to buy a new Roku for this deal - existing owners can get it too.
  8. Avatar
  9. Avatar
    Great - removed the channel from the roku. Reinstalled it and there was three months free. Cheers
  10. Avatar
    This is BOTH old and new devices, cheers
  11. Avatar
    could I get this through my NOW TV box?
  12. Avatar
    I have an apple TV 4k, can I use this deal. Is there a Roku app in TVOS ? (edited)
  13. Avatar
    I mean..slim pickings on Roku content worth watching from the looks.
    This is a deal for free Apple TV on a Roku device. Don't think anyone buys a Roku for their own content, but to stream from other services
  14. Avatar
    it's asking for a 4 digit code to install but doesn't say where i would get this - anyone know?
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