Apple TV - Refurbished £59 from apple

Apple TV - Refurbished £59 from apple

Found 18th Dec 2014
Apple TV refurbished with 1 year warranty. Been looking for one for a while and this is the cheapest non Hong Kong one I have seen.


Good deal, I enjoy my Apple TV and now it has a new You Tube app to boot.

Brilliant. Was waiting for this. Had a £60 Apple Store voucher. Got myself a free Apple TV!!

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What are the good apps for it? The only two I think I will use is Netflix (with a U.S. proxy) and ds video to stream from my Nas.

Shame you can't pay with iTunes balance.

This is good been looking for an apple tv and really didn't want to pay £79 for it!

great device, had mine since V3 came out. loads on it, however a lot of the "apps" are for america and season passes.

but great to stream from itunes direct to TV and for Netflix/ Youtube/ Vimeo/ Sky News etc...

Is this the one that doesnt require wifi, plays direct to tv?

This v2 or v3? Bargain for v2 which can be jailbroken for xbmc

This is the V3 Model. March 2012 release. So not jailbreakable for XMBC Still hot deal.


This v2 or v3? Bargain for v2 which can be jailbroken for xbmc

Nice find OP. Had mine for a couple of years and can't fault it.

I got my Apple TV for £49 from very such a bargain love it



selling mine, bought jan 2014, still have reciept, used twice, changed phones so been lying about in box, pm me if interested
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