Apple Universal Dock, With Remote Also Free Delivery £19.57 @ Carphone Warehouse
Apple Universal Dock, With Remote Also Free Delivery £19.57 @ Carphone Warehouse

Apple Universal Dock, With Remote Also Free Delivery £19.57 @ Carphone Warehouse

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Apple Universal Dock.

I bought this last week, It came with A Remote! and also the adaptors for your ipods. I just wanted it for my iphone 3g really.

Looks pretty cool.

Also Free Delivery.

This Is Better Then The Deal Apple Are Doing Right Now! Apple Are Selling this still for £29. Best to check on their site for all specs

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nice find!


Horrible product from Apple, alot of money for alot of nothing.

if your looking for this type of thing, then it is a good price,

tesco have them in for £20 around here (teesside)


you will need to buy the converter sleeve for the iphone 3g

i think the iphone 3g is brilliant but ruined by the dumb **** people at Apple...

try connecting the iphone to a car stereo...what a joke...
no voice dialling (unless via **** 3rd party app) - totally dumb
i have a new alpine car stereo, which has an ipod connector lead, which the ipod states it doesnt recognise but play songs anyway
Apple only sells the dreadful fm transmitter car connector kits
you cant charge and plays songs in the car and charge the iphone at the same time...totally dumb
why cant Apple sell a cable/device that phyically connects to a car stereo and that enables charging and and playing at the same time....they do it for computers is it that hard Apple!!

what about playing sounds on my stereo in my living via my xbox360...yep i can see the files but they wont play as micorosft and apple wont agree to licencing.....so my only way around this is to obtain pirated music instead, i dont want to but im forced to.....maybe i should do that to teach these morons a lesson!

Apple can stick its enrytpion and DRM = apple wins my darwin award in how to destroy a good product (was about to buy a new computer - it wont be an Apple!)

so apple have taken us 3 steps forward in phone design and capability but 4 steps back i terms of basic phone fucntionality

Why do people cream over Apple they arent that good........with the iphone 3g it feels like ive bought a ferrari but ive found out need to use a starter handle on the front to start it, you have to go to specialist garages to refuel it and car seats arent provided.

Apple is **** RANT over!!

Might want to check this out: ]http//ww…OCK :thumbsup:

No remote though, and not sure about compatibility with the iPhone 3G.
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