Apple Universal iPod/ iPhone Dock with remote MB125G/B - £14.99 @ Tesco in store
Apple Universal iPod/ iPhone Dock with remote MB125G/B -  £14.99 @ Tesco in store

Apple Universal iPod/ iPhone Dock with remote MB125G/B - £14.99 @ Tesco in store

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Picked up an Apple Universal Dock with remote in Tesco in Dumfries today- marked as half price, and quite a few in stock. Showing as £28.58 on the website, so instore only.


£36 on the Apple website, £35.72 on Amazon. Seemed like a good deal to me.


Off to Tesco's yet again tomorrow:whistling:


work with the iphone 2g / 3g/s ?

should put 'instore' in the title

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Included in the box are eight adaptors (£6 each on the Apple website) and amongst these are ones for the 'iPhone' and 'iPhone 3G'.

The dock has two connection points- one for the cable supplied with your iPod or iPhone, and the other for a jack plug to connect to your stereo, tv etc. Hope this helps.

Tesco has some cracking in-store deals, like easter egg hunt for us grown folks, everytime im there i have to check the electronics aisle for deals!

Wow - great deal! I use it for my iPhone 3gs and Nano (2g). very handy on the desk to just charge and dock and not mess with the cable!

Hope it's available at other Tesco stores. Will check out our local tomorrow :thumbsup:

Charlie Brown

is this only in store as my link is showing £28.58!?


Why is it that apple are always more expensive tan other retaillers?
I bought the ipod touch for my dawter for xmas and got a cracking deal from asda but it was more than £15 more exoensive if I bought it irect from Apple??
Seems the same ere?:oops:

Probably being thick here, but since I have one of these: amazon.co.uk/SEL…mr1 can I connect this to the dock and to the TV and control the video output that way (play / pause etc)

Okay found the answer (which is Yes) on the apple forums


work with the iphone 2g / 3g/s ?


Yes :thumbsup:

not available were i live.

Only £2ish discount at my local Bletchley store. Had a few but still just over £25 : (

None at the Tesco in Bathgate (at any price).


Hmm..just rang the Plymouth store and they say it's £28.58 - does it come up cheaper on the tills?

None in bromborough bidston or liverpool one! Ive been after one for months.

Not in Lowestoft or Yarmouth.

Not convinced that this is a national deal from the looks. Maybe just one odd one in Dumfries

I've just been to tesco in Dumfries, they only have one dock in stock and that is the old 2nd gen nano one at £26.24 so I don't see where this deal has come from to be honest.

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HI Folks. Sorry if this deal has wasted anybody's time, I posted it in good faith after picking one up on Sunday afternoon when buying a few provisions. Just trying to share the deal although it sounds like it may well have been specific to Dumfries

There were a good few in stock at that point, when I posted the deal.

Having come home and seen quite how good a bargain it was I went in the next morning on my way to work and bought another as a gift. They still had stock then too, although as just pointed out I saw they also had one without the remote, a different model and presumably a different price.

Attached are the receipts for those understandably sceptical.


Searched Tescos:- Hermiston Gate / Corstorphine / South Queensferry & Dunfermline but no look :-(

Closest I could find was this...
Just one connection (no Remote / Audio Out)

One helpfull Lady did say they sold "MB125G/C not G/B" but they didn't have any in stock. (apparently this is the newer model??) :?

And the Griffin one as per here: direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx

Picked this up on the 11th at the Sutton stor. Still had about 6 on the shelf. Great deal. Nearly bought just the remote for £15 a few weeks ago

none in middlesbrough
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