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APPLE Watch SE 44 mm Smart Watch - £199 Delivered | 40mm £179 Delivered (2020) @ Currys

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Back in stock, lots of colours

Links below for 40mm

currys.co.uk/pro…tml (https://www.currys.co.uk/products/apple-watch-se-space-grey-with-pure-platinum-and-midnight-sports-band-40-mm-10230230.html)

currys.co.uk/pro…tml (https://www.currys.co.uk/products/apple-watch-se-gold-with-starlight-sports-band-40-mm-10230229.html)

currys.co.uk/pro…tml (https://www.currys.co.uk/products/apple-watch-se-space-grey-aluminium-with-anthracite-and-black-nike-sports-band-40-mm-10230221.html)




APPLE Watch SE - Space Grey Aluminium with Anthracite & Black Nike Sports Band, 44 mm

See more, do more

The Apple Watch SE combines a larger-size Retina display with the most essential features of Apple Watch. Advanced sensors that track your fitness and workout goals. Handy features that keep you healthy and safe. Everything you love about Apple Watch for less.

Stay motivated

See at a glance just how close you are to reaching your goals with Activity rings for moving, exercising and standing. Get the motivation you need with friendly competitions, personalised coaching, and awards. Feel inspired and stream your favourite music, podcasts, and audiobooks from your watch.

You can even take it for laps in the pool. Water resistant to 50 metres, you can track your splits and sets in the pool or map your route in open water.

Your health matters

Get a better overall picture of your health thanks to the built-in heart rate monitor. It can let you know if something is wrong so you can take action and consult a doctor. Apple Watch SE can even call for help in an emergency.

See just how much shut eye you're getting with the Sleep app. Create a bedtime routine that works for you, set sleep goals, and establish a regular schedule.


Please note: Apple Watch requires iPhone 6s or later. ISO standard 22810:2010. Appropriate for shallow-water activities like swimming. Submersion below shallow depth and high-velocity water activities not recommended.

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  1. Avatar
    Good deal....as long as you take a portable charger with you, if out of the house more than half the day 🙈🙈
    Are you watching Netflix on it?

    I get around 36-48 hours on mine with moderate use, but to be honest I just charge it whilst I’m in the shower, etc. My previous Huawei watch admittedly had a much better battery life, but I’ve not found the battery on the Apple Watch to be an inconvenience.

    Great deal, @MrSwitch (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Is this a decent price? Always wanted an aw but never looked into them..
    I think this is a decent price, but not exceptional. The SE 2020 and the SE 2022 (which I have) are very similar. The 2022 launched at a lower price so the refresh was more about bringing the SE price down than expanding functionality. Personally I'd suggest looking to see if you can get the SE 2022 for a little more, £10-30, purely because the processor is a few versions newer so it should have a longer supported life, but if you couldn't then the SE 2020 at this price is decent.
  3. Avatar
    Battery life on Apple phones is a joke!
    iPhone 13 Pro Max literally had the best battery life on any phone so that’s absolute rubbish
  4. Avatar
    I understand that it's each to their own but I've got a Xiaomi smart watch. I purchased it two years ago on offer for £59. I charge it up and it lasts me for a good few weeks. I am sure the Apple watch looks slightly nicer and might do a few more things but for the saving and the battery hassle it's much better in my opinion.
    As you said each to their own. So no idea why you felt the need to comment or bore us with this comment. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    I’ve got one. Had it about 18 months. It’s excellent in so many ways. Wouldn’t be without a smart watch now
  6. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks. Birthday present sorted!
    My birthday isn't til March though?
  7. Avatar
    I've got one of these. Paid £240 about 1 year ago. It's great apart from the battery life. This is mitigated by the fact you can put the watch in Low power mode. I can't tell the difference between low power mode and normal mode in terms of functionality but the watch can last over two days in low power mode.
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  9. Avatar
    Been waiting for this again so bought one. I’m not a fitness nut but I get annoyed it says my husband walks more than me when we do the same thing only because they have a watch and I don’t lol.
    You could have avoided the cost of the watch by putting your phone in your pocket when you’re not using it, the only reason his says he does more steps is because you probably leave your phone somewhere whilst doing things, so it can’t track your steps.
  10. Avatar
    Is this model a decent upgrade on series 3?
    Yes it's decent.
  11. Avatar
    Thank you, managed to grab one of the Nike ones. My daughter has been saving up for one of these for a while 🤦🏻‍♂️
    That’s what I like to see! You beat her to it!
  12. Avatar
    Is there a newer version of the SE or is this the newest one?
    this is the 2020 version the 2020 version is 249 and 289 (40mm and 44mm)
  13. Avatar
    Is there a big difference in 40mm & 44mm. New to these watches!!

    Couldn’t help it! In seriousness 4mm equates actually to a lot more screen real estate. You need to see one to appreciate the size, it all depends on your wrist size too. The larger screen is no good for small wrists.
  14. Avatar
    All outta stock???
  15. Avatar
    What’s the difference between this and an Apple Watch Series 7 for example?
    Series 7 has narrower bezels allowing for a larger screen, always-on display, a faster processor, and more sensors allowing you to check blood oxygen levels as well as taking a single lead ECG.
  16. Avatar
    Oh man.... out of stock !! 😫😫😫
    Not all of them
  17. Avatar
    All sold out
  18. Avatar
    Doesn't work without an iPhone. (c) Apple