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Posted 18 May 2023

Apple Watch Series 7 45mm GPS & Cellular Excellent Used 32GB Unlocked / Nike Black - £249.30 At Checkout Delivered @ Giffgaff / Ebay

£249.30£27710% off
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Back in stock

Bargain series 7, lots in stock lots of colours

Nike series 7 Cellular 45mm

giffgaff refurbished conditions explained:

All giffgaff refurbished phones are fully cleaned and tested (incl. battery, touchscreen, camera, etc.) by our suppdivers, to ensure they are in 100% working condition.

Excellent condition: Minor wear and tear. This phone has seen some light use. But the body and screen are pristine.

How will my phone be shipped?

All our devices will be shipped on a next day service with DPD. To reduce waste, giffgaff refurbished phones are shipped in a slimline, fully recyclable box containing:

Features & details
  • Temperature sensor provides retrospective ovulation estimates and advanced cycle tracking features
  • Measure your blood oxygen with a powerful sensor and app
  • Take an ECG anytime, anywhere
  • Get high and low heart rate, and irregular rhythm notifications
  • Advanced safety features, including Fall Detection, Emergency SOS, and Crash Detection
  • Enhanced Workout app with more advanced metrics and ways to train
  • A completely redesigned Compass app with waypoints and Backtrack
  • Track your daily activity on Apple Watch, and see your trends in the Fitness app on iPhone
  • The most crack-resistant front crystal yet on an Apple Watch, IP6X dust resistance and swimproof design, and increased durability for fitness and activity
  • Call, text, and email with just a few taps
eBay More details at

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  1. P_K_'s avatar
    I got 41mm from their last offer and they delivered watch in perfect condition for below £250 cellular+WiFi. Battery life 100% just as new. Amazing stuff! (edited)
  2. Notchello's avatar
    Just received it today. I ordered the 45mm blue and when I turned it on it shows the “ Green snake of death”. Going to return it
    hukdm's avatar
    It’s not faulty just put it on charge for a while. The battery’s just drained completely from sitting in the warehouse.
  3. yus786's avatar
    Beware, you will get an automated dispatch email with tracking number but it may get cancelled. Happened when I ordered one last week and with the mi phone people ordered too
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    90% of the people got the mix 3 the other day
  4. T0byJugz's avatar
    Awesome deal

    I currently have Nike series 4, and the battery doesn’t last a day when I go running and listen to podcasts and often reboots to 10% power...

    I was tempted with the ultra for £699, then I convinced myself to wait for the series 9, but if the rumours are to be believed, it’ll be a minor upgrade like the 8 was to the 7. I just had a down-to-earth moment when I saw this deal for £249 for the Nike Series 7, yeah I’d like it in white / silver, but at this price, I’ll suffer the midnight colour

    doppo666's avatar
    I have a series 4 from 2019 use it to sleep track as well it’s still on 85% battery health and lasts me all day, struggling to find a reason to upgrade 
  5. 0303delly's avatar
    After reading some bad reviews here, I was wary of buying this but putting Xavier comments into consideration I decided to go for for it. Bought two days ago (18th of May) and it’s delivered today 20th of May. But guess what it’s brand new, unopened.
    carpediemjay's avatar
    does it come with charger/strap?
  6. bilalbilal's avatar
    Anyone who ordered the Starlight colour last time, did they get a brand new sealed one?
    linnyuk's avatar
    I ordered a starlight on 1st of June and arrived yesterday.  All sealed, brand new with 100% battery.
  7. rzrjtk's avatar
    Starlight arrived today apple rip tabs were sealed but watch had zero battery power when turned on not sure if this is how a new item would arrive?
    happyjimbo1's avatar
    Yeah it's because they've been sat in the box so long that the battery is completely drained. Just leave it on charge and it'll come to live when it's got power -- that's exactly what happened with mine and now it's all good, 100% battery capacity etc.
  8. rheinswaters's avatar
    I got an identical looking watch of Temu for £8 … it really makes me wonder how much we are being ripped off for name-brand items.
    jaxpro's avatar
    That’s like comparing sparking wine and champagne.
  9. BkzBiz's avatar
    Excellent deal received Brand new one today
  10. Grinchyaaa's avatar
    Ordered the 41mm a couple of weeks ago. It was brand new. Box was still sealed, 100% battery and watch wasn't even registered.
  11. LiE_'s avatar
    Mine came today, brand new unopened. Very nice!
  12. eldn's avatar
    Mine arrived today too, starlight. Came in Apple packaging with all the seals intact so seems brand new. Thanks OP!
  13. jaxpro's avatar
    Thanks op ordered the starlight model, my Apple Watch series 0 isn’t charging above 50% anymore but not bad for 8 years old.
    jaxpro's avatar
    It’s been posted already haha, 30 minutes after I ordered it.
  14. Kay_Dot's avatar
    Guys I’ve never owned an Apple Watch, just got iPhone 13 last year first ever iPhone. Is the watch an essential pair ? Is this a good price for this watch ?
    T0byJugz's avatar
    I run a few times a week so I can run without my phone and still can make/receive calls, track my run and stream audible books to my Airpods. So while it's not technically essential, I'd really, really miss it if I didn't have it! I've just bought the Nike from this deal, and at £249 it's a no-brainer, assuming the condition is ok when it turns up. The series 8 would cost you £549 new from Apple, and It's a minor upgrade from the 7 to the 8, well certainly for me, but maybe worth seeing if the unique features of the 8 benefit you. (edited)
  15. ken218's avatar
    Looking at the listing and company information, am I correct to say, it is actually not Giffgaff, but another company authorised by O2 to use the name Giffgaff to trade on eBay?
  16. Wenglish's avatar
    Just grabbed the last blue Thanks OP
  17. 0303delly's avatar
    After reading some bad reviews here, I was wary of buying this but putting Xavier comments into consideration I decided to go for for it. Bought two days ago (18th of May) and it’s delivered today 20th of May. But guess what it’s brand new, unopened.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    MrSwitch Author
    Don't believe everything you read on the Internet

    And welcome to hotukdeals (edited)
  18. jaxpro's avatar
    Mine also came today, brand new sealed just currently charging it. Thanks again op!
    link0045's avatar
    Just ordered one. Any issues at all?
  19. FinalBoss's avatar
    Gutted I missed this! Mrs wants one for her bday
    maxxie2021's avatar
    No it's still on, red one is still available. I just made an order
  20. nikii213's avatar
    Nike series 7 back in stock. Is there any difference between Nike series 7 in black and the Graphite stainless steel colour of series 7 except the strap? Is the main unit identical?
  21. link0045's avatar
    Have always went for black before but at this price I just went for the remaining red. Looking forward to something different now.
  22. dajeema12's avatar
    My 41mm arrived today, brand new in sealed box, charged and updated it. 100% battery. currently wearing it
    HautDealsUK's avatar
    Mine arrived sealed too but wouldn't charge , was stuck, had to reset and then checked the warranty it was only till sep23, and it took 3 hours to charge , sync and get it running with apple support, after that I restarted it and it asked to pair it again, I have returned it now as it seems like it was faulty piece, watch will tell me thrice that it failed to connect to watch. Is your warranty 12 months on apple's website?
  23. cigbunt's avatar
    only red left the worst colour!!!
  24. link0045's avatar
    Received yesterday. Red edition. Contents were sealed with the Apple rip tabs so brand new. 100% battery health. Full year warranty. Thank you op. (edited)
    PM13's avatar
    Same here received yesterday as above
  25. DMcG2's avatar
    Starlight arrived today. Not a mark on it. All boxes sealed. Amazing condition.
  26. happyjimbo1's avatar
    My red one arrived today and like everyone else it was in band-new condition, seals still in place on both the watch and the strap.
  27. OutSpoken's avatar
    After years of saying i don’t need one… I’ve finally succumb to an apple watch..(cheeky)
  28. dai3015's avatar
    I've just had my Starlight one delivered. Brand new sealed boxes just absolutely zero charge.
    Have left it on charge and will see what happens.
    Seems a great deal for a brand new apple watch - thanks OP
    bilalbilal's avatar
    What defines a sealed box? Does it have tabs on both sides? Never bought a new one so not sure. Anyone got a picture?
  29. chappie86's avatar
    Just ordered one, thanks OP
  30. wondernokia's avatar
    Black is OOS
  31. MDog0101's avatar
    Does anyone know if I can connect this to my o2 sim only plan? Was originally an iphone plan from them but bought out and changed to sim only.
    yfipmg's avatar
    Yes, I could add the watch to my o2 sim only contract. Costs an extra £5 p/m.
  32. HottestDeal's avatar
    Hoping black comes back into stock…
  33. supadupasumo's avatar
    Green, blue or red only left. Shame, would have gotten black or silver at this price, great price.
  34. kotc16's avatar
    I just got the 44mm Nike SE for £169 on Giff Gaff don’t know a bloody thing about Apple Watches but it sounded like a good deal?
  35. carpediemjay's avatar
    I didn't need this. Alas...
  36. Curlychew_'s avatar
    Should’ve gone for the green.. damn… missed out 🤦‍♂️
  37. zhangjin3615's avatar
    only red one in the stock
    Curlychew_'s avatar
    Just found a blue.. worth checking their eBay page for throes who missed out
  38. Zlatan9's avatar
    Received Brand new sealed in box 45mm Blue,although box was a little battered.
    Notchello's avatar
    What was the battery percentage when turned on the watch?
  39. johnraggett's avatar
    I'm assuming the 41mm and 45mm are wrist sizes, looking to get my 12 year old one for his birthday
    ken218's avatar
    it is the watch screen size, 45mm will have slightly bigger display than 41mm, and slightly bigger battery,
  40. carpediemjay's avatar
    mine (41m, black) arrived yesterday, box a bit iffy looking but everything was sealed. was a lovely surprised. kind of wish I got the blue one and potentially 45m version - it's nice but quite small!
    Notchello's avatar
    Is this the cellular version? I’m the other way around I got the blue 45mm and I find it too big for my wrist. I should have bought the 41 instead
's avatar