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Apple Watch Series 7 Stainless Steel refurbished £299 @ loopmobile eBay

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Purchased one of these a little while ago and it was pretty much perfect condition. Great price considering the latest Series 8 is twice the price but with very little change. It came with a 3rd party strap which wasn’t great quality but these can always be changed. Also LoopMobile don’t appear to have hiked their price up for this promo

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Excellent - Refurbished.

The item shows no signs of use. It is fully functional and has been professionally refurbished, tested, inspected and cleaned to excellent condition by qualified sellers.

The item includes original or new accessories and may come in generic packaging. See the seller's listing for full details.


Largest display yet

See more of what matters on Apple Watch Series 7 and its large Always-On Retina display. With 20% more screen area than Apple Series 6, there's more room to tap out a message or check your fitness metrics. And made of crack-resistant front crystal with water and dust resistance, Apple Watch is more durable than ever.

Advanced health features
Your health is important. That's why Apple Watch Series 7 makes it easy to get a clear picture of your general health and wellbeing. Measure your blood oxygen level, take an ECG from your wrist, and set a bedtime routine to track your sleep. It's the ultimate device for a healthier, more active, more connected life.

Monitor your workouts
With the activity and health apps you can track indoor and outdoor workouts like running, cycling, and even high-intensity interval training with accurate and detailed metrics. It's even water resistant, so you can even keep it on in the pool to monitor your laps.

The Activity rings make it easier to see when you've completed a healthy day. You can even use your Apple Watch to stream music, podcasts and audiobooks to keep you motivated.

Fast charging
Get fully charged in no time. Using the fast-charging USB Type-C cable (sold separately), it takes around 45 minutes to go from 0 to 80% battery.


  • Tracks sports / steps / distance / calories / sleep
  • Monitors heart rate with ECG / VO2 Max / blood oxygen
  • Battery life: Up to 18 hours
  • Water resistant & swimproof
  • GPS
  • Compatible with iOS
  • WiFi / Bluetooth

Accessories Included

YouTube - Review

Help & Information

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    Nice. Looks like you get a charger as well (which Apple don't supply with a watch), but picture also shows a slow charger cable. This is a shame as the ones that come with the new devices are fast charging cables (USB C) and cost about £35.
    whilst the fast charging cable is nice to have, dont worry about it too much...unless you are the type that needs to charge quickly each and every time.

    Also worth noting is that faster charging will over time affect the battery wear....more so if you use it every day...I only use my 7 fast charger on the odd occasions I've totally run down the battery on a long run (20+ miles) and I get home with it close to zero., I then use the fast charger whilst I shower to get it up to a level that will last me the day.

    All other times, so basically every night, I am using an older charging cable
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    I'm still waiting for another Currys/John Lewis deal for new sealed series 7. Seems like that deal only happened for the series 5 stainless and then never again. They probably got warned by Apple for selling the watches at too low of a price
    I don’t think is happening my friend. We didn’t see that for Series 6 unfortunately unless I missed it. I will try to sell my S5 SS from that curry deal and went for that deal for series 7
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    without knowing battery level, worth bearing in mind that if it is down to or even below 80% (which it shouldn't be due to its age), a battery service on one of these is around £90. That said I am a heavy user of mine and Im down to 91% since last March
    Yes, I have just had my S5 replaced so have 100% battery again, this makes me reticent to buy this, although very tempted! Bear in mind though, with a battery ‘service’ Apple in fact replace the whole watch with a refurb so it is essentially brand new. (edited)
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    These are cellular right?
    Yes, all Stainless Steel models are Cellular
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    I think I’m the lucky one, bought very good and it meant to arrive sat but I changed the day for today as it was more convenient.
    Excellent screen, small wear and tear scratches at side literally not visible, battery life 100%!!! And still under Apple warranty until May 2023.
    Nice one!
    Mine comes tomorrow, let’s see what happens
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    I can vouch for these guys as I have bought three watches and a couple of phones from them, and they have all been very good quality (none to few scratches). I've only bought their "excellent" (this listing) or more expensive "apple-certified" conditioned listings, and it is the luck on the draw on what battery % you get and how much original apple warranty is left. For example, I bought two watches at the same time with different conditions, and the cheaper "excellent" condition had more battery % and a longer official apple warranty than the more expensive apple-certified listings. However, the seller does offer 30 day free returns, and you get a one-year warranty with them. I've found little difference between the excellent condition and their certified quality, but it's the luck of the draw.

    I would buy a couple and return the worse one but don't get them mixed up!
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    Just ordered a silver with black strap. Hopefully it doesn’t turn up looking like it’s been kicked around the garden! Thanks OP, heat added!
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    Rubbish these are filled with scratches even in excellent condition and this has also been cheaper before, they put their price up before the code
    Surely not on the screen, since it’s sapphire glass? The steel scratches should be minimal and could potentially buff out anyway? Plus if it’s particularly bad you could just return it?
  9. Avatar
    Tempting but decided to get the brand new aluminium for £309
    Big mistake, SS over aluminium all day. From experience it’s night and day difference between scratching them
  10. Avatar
    Well worth the price for 3
  11. Avatar
    Ok ordered Very good condition for £269, as long as the screen and battery are ok, the SS model can be buffed to like new unlike the graphite and gold which stay scratched. The pvd coating is nowhere near as good as the old dlc.
  12. Avatar
    Looks like they are all out of stock now, glad I bit the bullet when I did!
  13. Avatar
    Mine arrived this morning, 45mm silver with black strap. 98% battery condition.
    For a one year old watch it has a perfect screen (sapphire glass wears well) and case under light has scratches but you can’t really see them when wearing.
    Charging lead and charger included.
    Bodes well, just out of interest any warranty left?
  14. Avatar
    3 apple watches for £299 is a bargain. Bought (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Thanks OP, was looking for something exactly like this to upgrade from an ageing S6 Stainless Steel where battery life is now rather poor.
    Considerably cheaper for apple to replace your battery.
  16. Avatar
    There’s also a very good condition cheaper with code £269 which is a good deal for a stainless steel if it comes in proper condition
    I’ve gone for this. Bearing in mind the SS can be buffed out to like new. I will send back if the battery is less than 95% and there are any scratches that I can feel with my fingernai
  17. Avatar
    Thanks OP, BOUGHT, I reckon this is a great price for the stainless. If it arrives in good condition I’ll be very happy.
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    Hmm, slightly bigger screen, slightly faster charging and some extra running software features. My S5 has 100% battery, will be a bit of a gamble.
    Could always just buy as a spare
    Can’t go back to dirty smelly alu must be SS
    Should I buy? HELP
    I had an s4 before my s7 and the “slightly bigger  screen” makes a massive difference (to me anyway) in the real world.
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    Got my daughter a "Very Good" Ipad pro for xmas from these and honestly it was immaculate. So anybody with doubts from them i was very happy.
  20. Avatar
    Can u not just buy this watch take it to
    Apple Pay another £90 for perfect version meaning it would cost u £390. U can not get a new one for that price.
    Battery has to be below 80%
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    Any pros to the stainless version compared to regular the aluminium one? Also disadvantages? Thanks in advance
  22. Avatar
    Sold out!
  23. Avatar
    Back in stock for anybody still after one. Code valid until midnight tonight.
  24. Avatar
    Mine arrived today in near perfect condition. 96% battery, apple coverage expired. Happy with my purchase!
  25. Avatar
    Been thinking about buying for a few weeks with all these deals! Finally bought one just now. Hoping for a good battery as it’s my first Apple Watch. Thanks Op
  26. Avatar