Apple Wired Mighty Mouse (now Apple Mouse) - clearance stock at £24.97 @ Currys
Apple Wired Mighty Mouse (now Apple Mouse) - clearance stock at £24.97 @ Currys

Apple Wired Mighty Mouse (now Apple Mouse) - clearance stock at £24.97 @ Currys

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Just went in the Currys in Cheltenham and picked up an Apple Mighty Mouse which was on clearance at £24.97.

It appears to be reduced because Apple has changed the branding on these mice to "Apple Mouse", removing the "Mighty" tagline. They had the ones in the new boxes at £39, but these old stock ones were only £24.97, despite the fact that they are exactly the same product.

I took the last one in the Cheltenham store, and it is possible that there are more of them around, although quite possibly not as this is a DSGi .97 priced item.

Good luck with finding them! Hope this is of use to someone Will post a photo of the receipt below...


Umm sureley you can get a better mouse for £25?
Logitech or Microsoft or something

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Here's the receipt as promised, if you ring up the Custom Service line, you will probably be able to find other stores with it in stock.


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I don't deny that plap, but a lot of people like the Apple mice. You could say that about pretty much everything Apple makes haha! If you have a Mac or just like the product, you'd probably be happier with the Apple Mouse

PS with better I mean: laser instead of optical mouse, with programmable buttons and a better scroll wheel.

I didn't vote, let the people decide :-)

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I don't think it's the best mouse, but I like it and it goes well with my MacBook Pro and other Apple hardware And you can program the buttons...


As much as I swear by apple computers I never use their mouse. Now the new trackpad is another story, brilliant.

This mouse is crap and as above the new trackpad is amazing.

why not just buy a proper mouse? eg logitech mx rev?

Dont you think it is a waste of money?

I refuse to pay more than £1 for a mouse

Mouse is good for me, but the trackpad will hopefully remove the need for them.

If the new one is this price, i would probably buy it but not the old one like this.

The new apple mouse is great but this one is awful. The scroll ball stops working guaranteed.

Apple's mice have generally been terrible, from the puck to the pro that had the shearing cable to the mighty mouse with it's dodgy ball. I find the Magic mouse painful as well.

Not a fan of trackpads either- Give me a trackball anyday.

Agreed about the mighty mouse ball - Had my mouse apart to clean it so often that i dont even bother gluing it back together anymore. Would love a new trackpad though.
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