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Husky HU218 Husky Stella U/c Drink Fridge 158x330ml - 122 litre capacity £249.97 at Appliances Direct
Posted 19 h, 42 m agoPosted 19 h, 42 m ago
Yes - at an initial look its quite a pricey drinks chiller. At a time when all hell is breaking loose in the economy and the community this deal seems rather grotesquely indulgent.… Read more
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Yes, it is a great price and perfect to have ready for the summer, so the fact it has been pushed all the way back to end of September is very disappointing


Tip fridge on side. Open cans, pour in ... 370 can's later you'll get your 122 litres.


If you are looking for a beer fridge, I recommend Subcold. I bought a 85L recently. Great fridges and on reviews people favour them over husky. They have an LED light installed and can reach very cold temperatures. They also list on Amazon so worth comparing prices.


It doesn't come with the tins... (horror)


I was expecting this to come with the tins for that price! Heat added I guess...

Electriq 12000 BTU split air conditioning unit - £429.98 @ Appliances Direct
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
Just ordered this , great price & great reviews. Wi-Fi / Alexa / App controlled - DIY easy installation !! No need for an F-Gas safe Engineer.

You will need to make sure the noise levels don't disturb neighbours. Low level vibration type noises can be considered noise pollution. Hot tub pumps for example have to be properly insulated and normally enclosed so they don't disturb people.


I suppose the worst that could happen is you have 400g of propane lost which you can easily replace with your patio gas (lol)


The energy required to cool or heat, (and freeze or melt) a particular mass of water is fixed. If the energy used to cool your water/ice pack etc in your freezer is “a slight load” then the cooling capacity of the cooler is equally “slight”. Except this assumes your freezer is 100% efficient which it is not. You WILL generate more heat from your freezer cooling that water down than the water can cool your room down by. This is proven by thermodynamics & not up for debate. This is why you can’t just put a freezer in your bedroom and open the door to cool the room. A compressor based air conditioner however has an effective cooling power of greater than the electrical energy put in (in my case 2.6:1). This is the same principle by which an air source heat pump can be considered 400-500% efficient - it provides 4/5kwh of heat from 1kwh Of electricity. Many of them can be switched to provide cooling instead of heating, again effectively at >100% efficiency when considering KWH electric vs KWH heat/heat removal. PS: I appreciate it sounds like I’m being a Troll or pedant. It’s not my intention, I have a hatred of misinformation and pseudoscience. Swamp coolers are all over social Media as “the new amazing way to cool your home for free” and it’s simply a lie & good marketing to people who don’t understand physics. Case in point my in laws are CONVINCED their £400 Dyson fan reduces the temperature of their room. It does not and cannot do so whilst consuming electrical energy which is in turn lost to heat in the very same room they are trying to cool. Only a cooler which actively vents the heat “removed” to a different location can actually cool a room. A Swamp Cooler filled with ice does actually cool the room, but by LESS than it heated the room containing your freezer. Again the proof for this the laws of thermodynamics. I wasn’t looking for your agreement, I was making a statement of fact based on the known laws of physics.


But it’s not though is it! No cutting & flaring of pipes required. No pulling a vacuum necessary. No pressure test necessary. Hence the interest by people in doing a self-install.


Lots of self install guides on you tube

electriQ eiQ-AM07 24 inch bladeless tower fan with LED light for £84.96 delivered @ Appliances Direct
Posted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
Update 1
You can get this same fan for £71.10 delivered from the Direct eBay marketplace, which is strange but can't complain:…782

Thanks to @Chris0609 for the heads up.
Does anyone else get an Eve from Wall-E vibe off this? Anyway, yours for £84.96 including delivery. It's gonna be a hot one this weekend apparently, so get one quick. It does t… Read more

That links shows it as £89.98 now.


Top price, thanks. Here is the link if anyone wants to post it, or buy it:


New £71.10 on ebay


I see what you did there


Overproced for what it does. I'm not a fan.

Amcor SF8000E Portable Air Conditioner for rooms up to 18 sqm £199.97 at Appliances Direct
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug

I got this the other day, and despite us having one of the sleeves for the window, we’re struggling to get any reduction in temperature. Really frustrating- as the hose is definitely pumping out hot air



I've got this in my bedroom and it's great for that. drops the temp from 26c to 19c with no problems. It's not the biggest of rooms though (11ft x 9ft) so not sure what it would be like in a full size living room.


Yes, exactly (y) I'm still waiting for a 12,000BTU. My biting point's at £250 and not a penny higher. I'll probably be waiting a very long time lol


Yup, I saw a few people say in the last aircon deal that this BTU value will only be good for a very small room, and you should aim for 10-12k to properly cool a lounge or double bedroom.

Swann CCTV System - 8 Channel 4K NVR with 8 x 4K Ultra HD Cameras & 2TB HDD £789.97 @ Appliances Direct
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Key Features 4K Ultra HD is the best resolution on the market and gives you ultimate clarity Motion and heat detection makes sure you never miss a moment Night Vision up to 4… Read more

Have you got the DVR (2 cables per channel) or NVR (PoE - ethernet only)? I'm on the NVR PoE system and can't recommend it enough. Read some before I brought it and saw some comments re. Motion sensor recording but as I was always planning on 24/7 REC not a concern for me.


idk why its so crap for me and many other people, just check out the app comments on playstore the dvr it self works fine but the online app on android for me are just crap i have tried many devices tablets, phones, android 9/10 older andriods etc and nothing works. the homesafe view works but rarley


Homesafe View. 5x4k dome cameras and 8 channel NVR recording 24/7 - absolutely zero issues on android or apple. Have wired up with external CAT6 cable. Can't comment on the other brands but these do what they say on the tin. And all 5 streams are simultaneously recorded on Synology SS so I have 28-30 days backed up at any one time.


really? on android which program are you using? the swann security or swann homesafe ?


Caught this the other day on mine, a Fox having a crack at a Hedgehog (bottom right):

Apple AirPods Pro £199 + £4.99 P&P at Appliances Direct
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Apple AirPods Pro - White Key Features: Easy setup for all your Apple devices Charges quickly in the case Sweat and water resistant Active Noise Cancellation Transparency mode Si… Read more

Genius comment right there.


Uhm I doubt so. It’s mainly for water damage and etc. The only I got it was because just before the 2 years finish, imma say that my airpods battery life aren’t as well (and judging by comments on Reddit, if you use these daily within 2 years you will most likely experience battery problems) and then you can go down to an Apple Store, give these ones in and they will either place a new battery inside them or replace the whole set (depends on how you talk and who you get assisted by). Then buy AppleCare again and repeat. :)


Does the AppleCare cover loss of an earbud or just damage? If I lost one could I see it got damaged and wasn’t retrievable as damaged in machinery?


Have managed to update the purchase date. Weird it wouldn’t do it via pop up browser in Apple support app but would do it when I opened via safari


Have you updated the purchase date as it’s not come direct from Apple. Usually that has to be done before Apple care can be added. It can be done via chat or there is a way to do it via online support but there’s a few links you have to go through. I think it’s something like help/support, help with Apple care, add Apple care to a device then it gives a window to update purchase date. I can’t check now as out but that’s what I had to do.

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Kamado Egg BBQ, includes bbq tools, pizza stone and cover - £369.96 delivered at Appliances Direct - collection available
233° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
This hugely impressive 18” Kamado ceramic charcoal barbecue brings a whole new level to outdoor cooking and entertaining. Everything about it shouts “quality” – from its beautifull… Read more
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80kg my Aldi Kamado weighs!


Looks very similar to the Aldi one which sold out from a couple of months ago.


Delivered mine today and I can't believe how heavy it is. Two blokes had to wheel it up to my front on a trolley!!


Great price. Awful company


Can confirm that the pizza stone splits in two and fits perfectly between the coals and grill to use as a heat diffuser

7000 BTU Aircon low noise £299.97 @ Appliances Direct
46° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Aircon unit good BTU , and noise levels. Suggest additional window kit or make one from wood
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Ive got a 10k BTU one from Homebase a few years back, will cool any room in my house as long as you keep the doors shut and only have the exhaust poking out a window. I’m sure in time this would do the same.


I paid £329 for a 12000 BTU one. There is a 12000 one from the same brand on Appliances Direct for £399.


12000 BTU and 4 in 1 for £299


7000 BTU for £229 delivered @ Currys LOGIK LAC07C19 Portable Air Conditioner


This unfortunately seems to be the latest way of companies staying solvent now a days.

Motorola Moto G7 Plus Indigo 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £189.97 at Appliances Direct
18° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Motorola Moto G7 Plus Indigo 6.2" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Ultra-sharp Dual 16 Megapixe… Read more
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Not at all. Why would i take offence?


Oh sorry I don't know much about this phone I just follow that seller so when someone adds a phone on here I usually use them as a price comparison. I'm so sorry I didn't mean to cause any offence. I thought I was being helpful as the g8 is the newer version by the looks of it. Apologies.


Thanks. But i do like the OIS on the G7 Plus, sadly not on the G8 Plus.


eBay item number 254631056955 for the better newer g8 plus from a good seller I regularly use for my gadgets and electricals. I hope this helps someone.


The regular, newer G8 seems to be mostly higher specced and available on Amazon for a bit less

Philips 65OLED934/12 65" OLED - Massive saving - Currys Price Match - £1699 @ Appliances Direct
248° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
This is an excellent price for a 65" OLED, especially given the fact it has a Bowers & Wilkins Dolby Atmos soundbar. I contacted Currys via the online sales portal (much easie… Read more

Thanks! Philips have actually been great - my old 65PUS7601 had broken after 3 years (4th fault!) but Philips have replaced with a brand new 65OLED805 for a flat fee of £500 and their engineer managed to get the 65OLED934 to power on this morning. I'm blown away by the 805 - I've spent the last 3 hours comparing the 805 to the 934 and the 805 blows it out of the water. Response time is much quicker for gaming - it's incredible how laggy the 934 is. The new AI picture engine is amazing on the 805 and brings out amazing detail in dark scenes that the 934 can't. Motion on the 805 is so much smoother. I can't believe how much better the 805 OLED is than the 934, I'm much happier now.


It looks like you were very lucky! No problem, I hope you enjoy the TV (y) . I’m really happy with mine, especially so at this price!


That sucks, sorry to hear that. Hearing this makes me glad I was actually stuck with Currys due to having a voucher.


Must have got lucky and maybe got the last one from appliances direct? It was delivered yesterday with no issues. Thanks for the original find op.


I ordered from Appliances Direct on 27th June and had a call from them on 1st July to confirm delivery on 15th July. Received an email on 13th July to state that the TV was OOS and there would be no delivery. I did manage to grab the same TV at Tekzone for £2199 in the end but the TV has arrived this morning and is obviously a refurb and is actually DOA so rejected immediately. Tekzone have no other stock so refund and return. Bad luck all round.

TCL 10 Pro 4G Smartphone. With Free 32" Android TV - £399 @ Appliances Direct
197° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
£399 is the normal retail price for the brand new TCL 10 Pro Not a bad midrange phone 4 Rear Cameras Snapdragon 765 6gb Ram and 128Gb Storage Amoled Screen, With in screen Finger… Read more
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ee offering same deal with a contract Gsmarena have a quick hands on review: Tcl is linked to Alcatel :


This offer is at most outlets. Once purchased you have to go to this link and register your claim


Not sure how this is hot, as it was £80 cheaper just a couple of weeks ago and that also included the free TV deal :/


TCL have made phones under contract for various people and every blackberry for the last three (four?) years was actually a TCL device under license. (no I would not buy it either).


Processor is a snapdragon 675 according not snapdragon 765.

GRADE A3 - electriQ 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - £148.15 @
156° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
This is a graded product. A3 products have moderate exterior damage. All products are tested and are in good working order. 12 month warranty
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Wow let us know how you get on


I brought this on Friday and it arrived today. Needless to say its going back, it's not even the model they advised


;( how can I get that nice cold effect in a car but in my room


No, the air con in your car chills the air to a much lower temperature. The air from your car air con feels freezing whereas this only feels cool.


I’ve just ordered one for our babies bedroom. Hopefully as it’s a small room it will be powerful enough. Thank you (y) Watch the weather be cold and miserable for the rest of the year now!

LG OLED 48" TV OLED48CX5LC - £1399 delivered @ Appliances Direct
-115° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
LG OLED 48" TV OLED48CX5LC - £1399 delivered @ Appliances Direct
LG OLED 48" TV £100 off rrp SELF-LIT LG OLED: the most innovative technology in TV Ultimate 4K Ultra HD picture quality enhanced by the LG α9 Gen 3 processor Dolby Atmos givin… Read more

As an FYI it looks like the RRP for these is going to be £1399 and not the original £1499 LG announced. Just spoke to Richer Sounds who gave this update. Stock still not in the country as LG have had issues getting them in. ETA is sometime in June. No date confirmed however


Voted hot for £100 off rrp, but still going to wait for sub-1k. This will be a killer pc monitor


I went for ambilight in the bedroom. Not bad for a cheap TV. The CX48 will be replacing an ultrawide monitor in the mancave. The smaller size has an optimal distance of 3ft which will work well.


Got our 55" C9 in the bedroom Just watching the Broad smashing Aussie at Trent Bridge again (horror) hard to believe it was 5 years ago


He posted that video before he received a CX unit for review. I think I'll be happy with 10 bit on a 10 bit panel on the CX. I have a C9 in the lounge which is admittedly mint but too big to hook up to my pc

Appliances Direct - Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Majestic Black 256GB 5G - £649 / £653.99 delivered
-86° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Appliances Direct - Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Majestic Black 256GB 5G - £649 / £653.99 delivered
Seems like a good price for an S10 5G 256gb, it's £1099 at Argos Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 5G Ready for the fastest network speeds around Ultra-sharp Quad 12 + … Read more

thanks me letter :)



its way too expansive , I found links where it was 445 pounds and I paid mine because of a link that I found here on this website 2 weeks ago. (poo)


I was kidding sausage.....don't worry.


Where does it say second hand?

ElectriQ Portable smokeless charcoal Lotus-style BBQ grill with built-in fan & carry bag for £52.96 delivered @ Appliances Direct
Refreshed 22nd MayRefreshed 22nd May01/09/2020Expires on 01/09/2020
This is a funny old beast, a battery fan-assisted charcoal grill, which cooks your food with super heated air. It uses up to 250 grams of charcoal, but is ready to cook in three or… Read more

You didn't miss much, been there done that, wait for sub £40 then maybe worth a punt ;)


Argh gone to order and it's gone up in price + delivery. Dammit


The Barbecook range of portable ones are top class and durable. I bought mine from eBay for £90


It's not an office desktop.


Have seen it and ordered them to put it out!

Xiaomi mi mix 3 5g £273.99 delivered @ Appliances Direct
683° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Xiaomi mi mix 3 5g £273.99 delivered @ Appliances Direct
This looks like a great price for a top phone Unlocked SIM Free 5G Ready for the fastest network speeds around Ultra sharp Dual 12 Megapixel rear camera Dual 24 + 2 Megapixel … Read more
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Yes. Miui 10 If you want up to date builds you need to join the telegram group. Do you have telegram


Is that bandwidth test with miui 10? That's excellent if that's the case, as it's a good starting point. I'm on Evolution X 4.1.49 running Android 10 and not sure it supports native 5G TWRP is just recently supported for restores using version 3.3.2B-0318. xda-developers is sparce as andromeda is so new



Does this phone actually support native 5G, has anyone in a 5G area actually tested this and if so can you post screenshots? For information, this device is named andromeda (mi mix 3 5g - sd855) and is a totally different device to perseus (mi mix 3 - sd845) I've flashed Evolution X 4.1.69 (Android 10) which has 4G/LTE but have no ability to verify 5G connectivity


This got circled around today in mix 3 5g chats

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G 42mm - Black - Box Open - As New £189.97 at Appliances Direct
63° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G 42mm - Black - Box Open - As New £189.97 at Appliances Direct
Refurished samsung watch. Box opened but never used. Great price

Stupid question as new to all these watches. It says EE and Vodafone connections. Does this mean I can't use my O2 phone contract through the Watch?


How has this not gone hot. It's the 4G one!

Samsung 28L 900W Combination Freestanding Microwave Oven - MC28H5013AS £94.97 + £4.99 at Appliances Direct
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Samsung 28L 900W Combination Freestanding Microwave Oven - MC28H5013AS £94.97 + £4.99 at Appliances Direct
I have been looking for a new Combination Microwave to replace my old Sharp Microwave. This was is a rather large and maybe a little old but it has a great review on Which in Jun … Read more
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doh :( how do I remove?


Already posted

Apple AirPods Pro £219 + £2.99 delivery at Appliances Direct
271° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Apple AirPods Pro £219 + £2.99 delivery at Appliances Direct
Seems to be a reputable site and a great deal compared to the usual £249 price point!

Post needs updating - delivery is a minimum of £4.99. good spot though. I bought the ones from BT and now my son wants some. BT deal has now ended.


Appliance direct is a reputable seller but the BT offer is technically cheaper

Samsung MC28H5013AS 28L 900W Combination Freestanding Microwave Oven £94.97 @ Appliances Direct
615° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Samsung MC28H5013AS 28L 900W Combination Freestanding Microwave Oven £94.97 @ Appliances Direct
£94.97£13530% £5
Just ordered this from appliances direct, good reviews, £135 elsewhere.

Refunded by Crampton, terrific service service from them, shame about Samsung Microwaves.


Spoke too soon, jumping a bit, but making a fair old noise now when the turntable is working. So will be picked up next week and refund asked for, last faith in the brand now. (mad)


So, old one picked up Wednesday and new one delivered yesterday Thursday, exactly as promised, new one seems ok at the moment, nice it comes with a 3 year guarantee. The service from Crampton & Moore has been excellent, well done. (y)


Being picked up on Wednesday and a new one will be delivered on Thursday, so far so good with Crampton & Moore their service has been 100% so far.


I have a problem with the stop/start/judders turntable on mine from Crampton, reported today, should hear tomorrow or Monday. Will be asking for a replacement. Has been like it from day one, thought it might free up but no.

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