Apply for 2 free tickets to see Afrika Afrika at the O2 - LINK WORKING AGAIN!
Apply for 2 free tickets to see Afrika Afrika at the O2 - LINK WORKING AGAIN!

Apply for 2 free tickets to see Afrika Afrika at the O2 - LINK WORKING AGAIN!

Simply follow the link, fill in your details and you will get a confirmation email straightaway.

If they have got spaces they will email you on either the day of the show or day before.

You don't have to print this out, just go along to the show and give your surname and they will hand over 2 tickets!

I have done it myself so know it works and it is WELL WORTH SEEING!


good looking out.... hope i get tickets!!!:thumbsup:

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The link in this thread seems to be continually active - if it takes too many bookings for one day then it will move to booking for the next day.

So if the link seems to be down, then just bookmark it and check back later on.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Original credit for this link goes to Susan and Thanks to Kim44 who gave us the link to put a code in for tickets, that's how I managed to go.

Want some for Friday or Saturday.

yes yes yes, i would love!! either day is great for me........:-D



glad u got in this time, AQ fingers crossed then and keep checking your email - they have the knack to tell you last minute!!

Heh, I'd like Friday too. :-D

Tickets are for Friday the 11th now. Thought I would bump this up as it is a better day for a lot of people.

Tickets for Saturday 12 April at 8 pm are now available

Thank you very much.
My parents are comming from Spain and it will be perfect!
Many thanks!

YAY!! Just got two tickets for Saturday night!!! Fantastic - thanks

you got tickets for saturday night already!! you lucky thing. just applied again. didnt hear about tuesday & have applied for friday & saturday so fingers crossed yet again!

i got some before if u have not seen it well worth seeing and i had front row ticket that would have cost £75 but free

Princess T;1862365

YAY!! Just got two tickets for Saturday night!!! Fantastic - thanks

Are you sure you have confirmed tickets? When I applied previously, I got an instant automatic email but it's only when you get a 2nd email (usually on the day of the show or sometimes the day before) that your tickets are confirmed.

The 2nd email has a large Afrika Afrika logo at the top and has ticket confirmation in the subject line.

Applied for saturday, probably won't get it.

thanks, applied

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They have been quite unreliable lately sending the actual tickets but check this link hotukdeals.com/ite…-a/

She just went with her confirmation email and they let her in, so it's up to you if you want to try it.

If anyone has any unwanted tix for tom (11th) I would be very grateful for them :-)

Thanks x

this is what it says on the form;
You will receive an email confirmation after submitting this form.

Within the next few days you will receive a second email confirming the actual ticket acquisition.

Your details will only be used to communicate if you have been successful in obtaining tickets and to send the tickets to you. Your details will be deleted as soon as your ticket request has been processed.

If you get the second email all you do is print it off and take it along to get admission .They dont send tickets out.

i have been trying for ages to get tickets just never get the 2nd e-mail confirming tickets and i am checking my junk. whats the trick?!

if anyone has any unwanted tickets between now and sunday night i would be most grateful!!

I applied with 8 different email addresses for tuesday night & didnt get one set of tickets! tis very frustrating. have 4 kids so wanted to take them as this show looks fantastic & everyone who has seen it free says that they would happily of paid for it! good luck everyone.:roll:

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I don't know if it is a case of more people knowing of this link now because when I applied the first time I did get my tickets - the day before the show!

The last few times I have applied I didn't get anything back, that's why I posted the link about someone just turning up with the confirmation.

The show is on till at least mid May though, so I expect that people will get their tickets if they keep on - maybe it just needs to die down a bit?

kids are off school. maybe that's why tis so busy at the moment?

applied aswell,no tickets,did anybody get any? :-(

yes got the ticket email at 4pm! mad rush!

I received my confirmation email with Afrika Afrika logo heading the page for Thursday night. I didn't get it in time, however I did apply for tickets for Friday night aswell and had received the response email. I went along to the o2 with both print outs.... the guy didn't even look at the dates, he just handed me over two fourth row tickets with a smile telling me and my partner to enjoy the show!!!! so ..... not to give you any ideas....... but i think you shouldn't have a problem if you have some sort of confirmation / print out.... All the Best!:thumbsup:

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Might try this on a quiet night

link not working!!!

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]Link is working again, Yay!

link not working !
it's gone, anybody know the new link?

unexpired as the link is active again
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