April - Free at Audible

April - Free at Audible

Found 23rd Jun 2017
Publisher's Summary

It's every parent's worst nightmare.
April Willis is walking to school when someone in a white van tries to snatch her from the street.
It's the second attack in less than a week, and with parents and students beginning to panic, it's down to Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel to find the culprit.
This story occurs between Playing with Fire and Thicker Than Water.
©2017 Macmillan Digital Audio (P)2017 Kerry Wilkinson
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To save time. Can you please let me know that everything worked out fine in the end.
Turns out her mum stashed her in an attic
The link seems to take me to a blank ad.doubleclick.net page
Mike559125 m ago

The link seems to take me to a blank ad.doubleclick.net page

Did for me too, best just go to audible directly and search for it on there, comes up first in the results so hard to miss...
Hmm well the link worked for me..
It was a Mac issue
Heat added, thanks OP.
I got through from the link although it had to text me a further link to get the app. (slightly bizarre) just got to find some quiet time to listen to it now.
I don't get the ending?

If the tyre mark eventually led to the prosecution, how did they test it when the van went missing? It was such a difficult ending to spot coming.

Edited by: "Dilithium" 23rd Jun 2017

It was a Mac issue

Worked directly for me on a Mac just now.
While we're on the subject of Audible, does anyone know if it's possible to buy items from their US site?
thanks op
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