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Easter Holidays - 6 Night Stay in La Baume, France (4* Holiday Park) + Return Flights - (2A/2C) - £92pp (£368 Total) @ Eurocamp / Ryanair

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Was having a look around, and thought this was a bargain! Works out at £89pp, and given it's the half term, great price!
I've chosen 3rd-9th April as an example, other dates available! Out of half-term is even cheaper!

Update - Possibly £300 with code - 23DFT02 Credit @ayr74

La Baume Campsite:

Taxes and fees take this to around £200.

Make yourself at home. Our Comfort models make it second nature. Designed with unwinding in mind, they feature two bedrooms and one or two shower rooms. There’s a good kitchen, dining space and sofa, and outside your French windows you’ve another dining set on your private decking.

For additional sleeping space, the living/dining area features a double sofa bed.

  • Sleeps up to 7 (maximum 6 adults)
  • 1 double bedroom
  • 1 twin bedroom or 1 bunk bedroom
  • Living/dining area with double sofa bed
  • Oven, grill & microwave (or 3-way combi oven)
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Modern shower room
  • Hairdryer
  • BBQ where permitted
  • Pillows and duvets* (but not duvet covers)

Ryanair Flights:

Most from London, but if you don't mind paying more, might be able to get from Manchester etc.

If you want to add bags:
10kg - £28
20kg - £44

Hope it helps someone
Eurocamp More details at Eurocamp
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    Been here, car hire is a must. Kind of in the middle of nowhere, in a residential place. Ten minutes away from a sandy beach with marketstalls/cafes. Can drive to Cannes or Nice in an hour. Outside the resort, you need to know some French. Very nice in August. For the love of everything holy use the toll roads, the free road from the airport hugs the side of a hill and is very dangerous. (edited)
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    Try using this code for further discount: 23DFT02
    It’s a teacher discount code.
    Wow! Takes it to £300
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    I like it people talk about bed linen, suitcases, etc. This is the basic price. The rest are extras. For 2a+2c, we usually go with one big suitcase. Others carry more. Some barely carry anything with them. Some want AC, others want a TV. This adds to the price.

    To me, the increase in price is because the park is 60km from the airport. So car rental will increase the cost. Taxi 60km each way it will be very expensive. Public transport...our experience with camp sites in other parts of France is that it will take 5 hours for a 50km trip.
    Voted hot anyway, good price. (edited)
    Yep, this covers the basics. I'd say expect final costs to be another £110 or so, which I think is still very decent.
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    Expect it to be below 20c at this time of year unless they get a heatwave.

    I've voted hot as it's a great deal but just wouldn't work for us after checking it all out.
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    Easter you mean?
    Good point, was double checking term dates and accidentally crossed Easter with May half term. Edited (edited)
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    Bed linen not included?
    You'd need to bring duvet covers,or pay extra for it. (edited)
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    You might be lucky, you might be unlucky but don't count on decent temperatures.
    Sometimes it is,sometimes it isn't.
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    Great site
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    Great price for foreign hol.. Cold weather I reckon.. :(.. still hot deal.
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    Nice one OP. In all realism, this is coming in near a grand tbf. Car hire from nice is £240 ish, with a few hundred on the accommodation and then bedding/towels, and flights and a couple of cases. Excellent stuff for the base price and flights for half term :-)
    Its not half term
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    We are already booked for that time, but HOT from me!
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    Might need a bit more luggage than just a carry on backpack for a week  
    Yep, might be a good idea to add 1 or 2 bags.
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    RyanAir no thanks
    Go via a different airline then