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Aprilia eSR1 Electric Scooter, magnesium frame, 15.5 Kg, 350W Brushless Motor - £390 @ Amazon Italy

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Please read the latest UK Government guidance related to the use of e-Scooters
Probably the Best looking scooter out there !!! 😁
Delivered from Amazon Italy.

Aprilia eSR1 Electric Scooter, magnesium frame, 15.5 Kg, 350W Brushless Motor, Autonomy up to 25 Km, 10 "Tubeless Wheels, Max Load 100 Kg, 36V Battery
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    Are these legal yet? I saw a lad ride pass a police officer the other day in town and he didn't stop the guy on the scooter..
    Depends on the police officer's mood 😁
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    Ugh it's hideous. Deals for the Xiaomi Mi 3 scooter pop up at under £300 now and then. That has a better range, more powerful motor, is lighter and doesn't look like it was bought from Toys R Us. Why you'd pay £100 more (or any more) for this is beyond me.
    Because it says Aprillia on it and you can whizz about on it pretending to be Max Biaggi
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    I saw this in a shop in France in the summer as I have a couple of Xiaomi Pro's and was going to get another, they had a huge selection in stock, maybe 20 different types including the Aprilia, I must say it looked cheap and nasty with plastic everywhere, it only had a range of 25km compared to the Xiaomi Pro at 45km but then it was only 399 Euro. I have just had a look on the link and would suggest that anyone interested translate the awful reviews, seems I had a lucky escape as I bought another Pro but it wasn't a hard choice after having good close up look at it, plus it's so easy to get spares for the Xiaomi models.

    This is the shop I was in and you can see the selection, also different watt powered motors including bigger Aprilias, hope it helps someone boulanger.com/res…tte

    Here are the latest 5 reviews translated:

    1. ordered and replaced three times, eventually returned. Big disappointment, item sold and shipped by Amazon, three times arrived with problems. The first, after two days, the engine breaks down. The second arrives with missing pieces, the third seemed regenerated, with pieces broken and glued with silicone. A disappointment, being a longtime customer I never imagined that this could happen from Amazon.

    2. I had a bad experience with this scooter. They gave me a faulty one.
    It has a throttle that doesn't work, and the scooter goes by itself without pressing the accelerator.
    So I asked for a replacement.
    But that too has a flaw.
    It gives me an error on the screen, and the engine turns itself off. these two defects are dangerous.
    And for these reasons I make the return and refund.
    I lost faith in the brand, I thought it was the best yes as an Italian brand and motorcycle manufacturer.
    It is aesthetically beautiful, I have no doubts, but it has internal problems to check before selling.

    3. Too bad ... after a month of use the engine no longer worked ...
    Tried to bring from an aprilia assistance center in milan.no one accepted.tried by almost 3/4 shops.
    So I do not recommend buying ..

    4. I strongly advise against this scooter for the price it costs it is not worth it. The first one I took came used and broken. the second, which was given to me as a replacement, arrived with the deformed footrest and immediately the non-slip tires on the platform came unglued. In addition, the support that blocks the closure does not lock and vibrates continuously during the walk. The engine is very noisy both in acceleration and braking causing annoying vibrations.

    5. I state that I bought this product as a birthday gift for my son, having said that let's start: purchase on 07/13 arrived on 07/15 (delivery times excellent as always) I package everything as a gift and I deliver it on 07/25 to my son, you can imagine his happiness that unfortunately lasted very little once opened because the scooter was almost certainly used as parts for fixing the handlebars were missing (essential thing I would say ...) and moreover it did not work, so I put everything back in the box and I contact the customer service that offers me a refund with a return but telling me that the return shipment would be initially at my expense and subsequently refunded, I make the return and after 9/10 days they refund me but only the scooter without shipping, I contacted them and I they say for the shipping refund I have to send the receipt to them (omitted the first time I heard customer service) then I take the post receipt and Italian only that the amount paid by me is not indicated so I will have to go back to the post office to ask if they can write me the amount paid with postmark in the receipt and I hope they will reimburse me .......
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    Nice! Just a shame that only children or small adults can ride these. Nothing for the larger gentleman
    A horse?
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    Legalise fracking but not e-scooters? Madness.
    e-scooters like weed, so your granny would be shocked but in reality everyone does it and the police are too busy dancing the macarena to do much about it.
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    Im wondering how many minutes it would be before a gang rips you off this and robs it in London.
    Hackney 3 minutes and 22 seconds
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    Only 100KG weight limit - I'd need two and use them like rollerskates!
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    Maybe don't purchase the €1 one from the Russian seller with 0 feedback.
    Just a hunch.
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    i dont need one, probably way too old for one but omg do i want one, is that wrong?
    Nope , looks great I want one too
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    Wow seems like a very good price
    The design & looks alone wow 👌 😁
    Something different from the xiaomi & ninebots...
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    Looks good
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    After doing 45mph on one, 15mph would feel like walking behind an OAP walking aimlessly in the supermarket.

    Invest another £200/£250 for a proper one
    i fell off mine after 10 pints and hitting a lamppost head on.

    cuts to my palms, elbows knees and a suspected broken elbow.

    xrays said it wasn't broken, my elbow says differently 5 months on.

    that was at 12mph.

    i wouldnt want to do 45mph on one of these
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    Good deal but at 350w if you’re festively plump like myself, you really need 500w or more to cope with hills
    Do you mind me asking how heavy mate? I'm around 108kg and going by peoples previous advice, the Mi Pro 2 would be better than the standard 3, or even waiting for the Pro 4. Not sure how this Aprilla compares to those.
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    415.00 EUR = 360.27 GBP
    1 EUR to GBP=£ 0.87 GBP
    1 GBP to EUR=€ 1.15 EUR (edited)
    1.15, dream on
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    So, if the battery catches fire the magnesium frame will too
    Just don't look directly at the flame.
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    second hand ( as new )
    €254 , pay with Revolut £228.6 (edited)
    If you want to risk it then go for it.
    0 feedback and just launched.
    They probably aren't required to refund postage charges hence the reason why it's priced that way.
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    Be careful. A person at work hit a pedestrian on one of these and is currently being sued for nearly £20,000 in damages for the injuries and loss of earnings caused in the collision.

    Of course, he had no insurance as use of privately owned scooters on public roads is illegal and so no insurance companies provide cover.
    You can have the same problem if you hit someone on your bike