Apro Soya 1ltr All types only £1.00 @ Tesco!!
Apro Soya 1ltr All types only £1.00 @ Tesco!!

Apro Soya 1ltr All types only £1.00 @ Tesco!!

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Was in Tesco today (5 ways, B'ham) and noticed they were selling all types of Apro Soya milk (including Organic & lovely chocolate!) in the fridge section for a quid!!

Asda sell them for about £1.40

Perfect for people like me who are allergic to dairy products.

it says online that the offer is on until 03/02/2009

Alpro soya, a healthy decision!

With more than 25 years of experience, we know that our products taste great and are of excellent quality. We use all the goodness of the whole soya bean unlike other soya products. We know exactly where our beans come from because we have a traceability system that is independently approved and monitored. We believe that healthy eating should be tasty and fun so we make our products incredibly versatile and easy to incorporate into a healthy diet.


Or who are vegans or those that are attempting or want to have a partial-vegan lifestyle, like myself. :P

Been buying these for the past few days (choc and the light versions), mm.


Soya milk?

Hippy juice more like lol

How so?

wateva elton john :whistling:

Not sure I go along with the idea that the chocolate flavour is "lovely". It is overly sweet and doesn't actually taste anything like chocolate in my experience. But we are all different!

Thanks for posting a deal for those of us who are lactose intolerant. Voted hot for the fact that it's relevant to my life unlike far too many deals that are around. I have no intention of ever buying a blue ray DVD or a massive screen tv or monitor despite all the front page deals.

Rant over!

Same price in Iceland and Sainburys' too (well, it was last week anyhow)

This is bad for men. Avoid.


This is bad for men. Avoid.

any sources to back that statement up with ?


Same price in Iceland and Sainburys' too (well, it was last week anyhow)

Didnt know it was in iceland, but have been buying it from sainsburys. That offer ends next week on wednesday or thursday.

I like the unsweetened milk, dont like any of the other stuff because its too sweet for me. I also have lactose intolerance.

Original Poster

If, you like unsweetened then try lidl as they sell 1ltr for 60p


This is bad for men. Avoid.

What're you on about?

It's the same price at Morrisons too, seems it's a promotion due to them advertising on TV lately.


This is bad for men. Avoid.


What're you on about?

I imagine he has just read the headline of a story like ]this and not bothered to do any more to find out all of the facts.


Same price at Waitrose.

Amazing, Holmes!

If you don't want children and do not want to buy any more contraceptives then drink this stuff.

So lowers your testosterone also.


This looks quite a good offer for SO Good Soya Milk 2 for £1.50 (ie 75p each) at Sainsburys
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