Aqua One AquaMarine 900 - Marine Tank Set Up

Aqua One AquaMarine 900 - Marine Tank Set Up

Found 5th Nov 2010
After seeing the excellent earlier post for the AquaReef 200, I then saw this one on the same site. It is available in Silver or Black and comes complete with cabinet.

If you live in or near Birmingham, you can get this for £399 at Snapper Aquatics, take a look here:…asp

The AquaMarine 900 has been specially modified to accommodate the MariSys Marine Filtration system. The specialist cabinet is extremely well ventilated and has multiple outlets to accommodate not only the MariSys but also a Chiller if required. A totally new product on the world market from Aqua One is the unique MariSys filter, an all in one filtration solution for saltwater aquaria. Apart from excellent filtration performance, the surface skimmer with return flow module is self priming thanks to the integrated peristaltic pump, thus ensuring if power is lost the filter does not overflow and automatically restarts when electricity is resumed.It also has a water proof plastic hinged lid that opens up completely for easy acces to the tank and lighting. The T5 light unit features an external ballast with analogue timer.

Dimensions Tank: 90W x 40D x 58H cm
Water Capacity: 176L
Lighting: 2 x 24W and 2 x 36w fluorescent lighting tubes
Glass thickness: 10mm
Heater: 200W
Filtration: Marisys 240
Available Cabinet finish: Beech, Silver, Dark Wood
Dimensions Cabinet: 55W x 55D x 74.5H cm
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