Aqua Optima Compact Water Filter and Jug £5.49 @ Argos

Aqua Optima Compact Water Filter and Jug £5.49 @ Argos

Found 2nd Oct 2015
Comes with 60 day filter - Amazon price £12.99. Compact square based jug, fits comfortably in fridge door.
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I had one of these a few months ago.

Don't believe the filters last twice as long as Britta (by my taste the Britta last slightly longer than 30 days and these are only slightly more (say 40 days, but definitely not 60)).

Also the Jug I had seemed to leak when pouring.
got the year pack with the jug from Wilkos for £1.50 :-)
60 day filters are absolutely rubbish,mine don't last any longer and often just get blocked.
£2.50 in Wilkinson in store nationwide depending on stock....were £10. Then £5. Now £2.50
I visited Wilko first when I was looking for a filter jug - they didn't have this item, nor is it available online. Where did you see it cara22? Skybird - I've used the 60 day cartridges before and had no issues. You can, of course buy the 30 day cartridges if you prefer.
The Evolve cartridge these jugs take has three holes in the bottom where the filtered water comes out. It flows much faster than my Brita Maxtra cartridges, and my jug doesn't leak at all when pouring. My Maxtra jug did, and the lip kept falling off!

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