Aqua Trainers £15.48

Aqua Trainers £15.48

Found 4th May 2008
usually £24.99 Use media code 171T to get 1/2 price
orderd a pair on the 1st arrived today (6th) not bad as a bank holiday
Make a splash with our water-friendly Aqua shoes
If you haven't tried our best-selling beach essentials yet, you're in for a big treat! Imagine beach holidays where wet feet dry in moments and toes are protected from sharp stones. Perforated insoles squish away water in seconds. So quick and easy to pull on and if you should drop one overboard, it simply floats. No wonder the surf set live in theirs all summer. Great new colours and sporty unisex styling that leaves all others hung out to dry.


£15:48 with postage but still a good deal - heat added


Max size is 12

Thanks very much - just ordered some! Heat added!:thumbsup:

link takes you to £24.99 - price gone up ?

doh !!! just seen the code in your post sorry


link takes you to £24.99 - price gone up ?

lol... yep it has! Looked a few mins ago and it was half the price :?

Edited to show price after postage.

Its quite funny if you read the comments left by people who bought them.

The comments are all favourable (but this does not mean they don't erase the majority of bad ones like Amazon were caught doing), but it sounds like the average age of people buying them, wanted them for protection from water they produced themselves!!!

Despite that - I like them - but they don't have the colour/size i wanted in stock.


Typical!!Max size is 12

They sell bigger Here :-D

You can get similar things from Wynsors for a fiver. Not as stylish but they do the job.



lady bumps?

Thanks, they look quite nice, have ordered a pair for my OH for our holiday :thumbsup:


lady bumps?

love pillows :thumbsup:

Holidays in 3 weeks yesterday, these will be good for walking and spending time at the beach.

Cheers bud ordered a pair for hols.

Ordered 2 pairs. Thanks OP :-D. Anyone ordered from this site before?

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No but i have bought from their retail outlets. Quality seems to be good.

mabe practical when you consider some of the junk on the beaches, would stop that fag end between the toes scenario,

look rank though
still vote hot

Excellent thanks for the 1/2 price code, well worth it.

Can you use this code more than once per account, or do I need to create new accounts (should the wife want some for self and kids)

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Iam not sure. But the code is out of Sky Mag so you shoukd be able to.

Many thanks - bought at discounted rate for our hols

Ordered for me and the other half for walking the dogs on the golden sands....

anyone tested these yet

My wife got some and she said they were slightly painfull on the sole of her foot.


My wife got some and she said they were slightly painfull on the sole of … My wife got some and she said they were slightly painfull on the sole of her foot.

give em a miss then
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