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Aqua Cashback Credit Card - 0% Fee for Foreign Purchases. 0.5% Cashback.  Ideal for use abroad/holidays
Found 30th Jan 2015Found 30th Jan 2015
I've seen other deals posted for credit cards such as the Halifax Clarity credit card that have 0% fee for foreign transactions. The cashback rate is very low, but it is a nice li… Read more
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Yes, at the end of the day most bank accounts offer near as makes no difference no interest (a couple of banks do offer a bit more with stipulations) and savings accounts don't offer not much more. I did a test a while back and 30 days of interest on a Natwest current account I have by putting £3000 in it. I earned less than £1 in that period and it's the main reason why I plan to get shot of them in the near future. So 3 times the cash required by a Halifax account earned much less than 1/5 in interest and the money in the Halifax account can be moved out as it counts so long as it was deposited. Edit: My understanding of the figures was incorrect it's So a couple of low end DD's for some basic things and you can easily turn having an account into a money spinner.


Is that instead of receiving credit interest, or in addition to it ?


You have to have a rewards current account with them so in effect I will get once it's all up and running Personal reward Current Account - £5 reward Joint reward Current Account - £5 reward Clarity Credit Card Account - - £5 reward All I have to do is, pay wages in to my account (min £1000), transfer £1000 to the other reward account and back again, a standing order makes this easy to do. Then spend £300 on the credit card. It's well worth getting the accounts in my book for the minimal effort and £180 I will get back out of it. All I have to do is convince my other half who also banks with Halifax to upgrade their existing account to a rewards one too and then we'd earn £240 a year just for banking with them and a small amount of effort moving funds about. Lazy link from earlier this morning about the clarity card.


I agree - I've been with Aqua since it was 3% and was annoyed when it was reduced. I'm now just stuck on 1% (with another card), although 4% for supermarket and petrol. Out of interest - how do you get this reward with the Clarity Card, as I couldn't see the reward side mentioned. Thanks


Halifax Clarity among others and all options depend on how much you spend as to which is best, plenty of comparison sites showing the available options MSE for one. My real issue is the fact they dropped the cashback so heavily from 3% so it used to be a 6 times higher cashback rate and all of it was with very little warning. Tied to the pitiful credit limit they offered me was irritating, clearly it was just to limit people spending. When it came to the end they offered the following. So they offered me the same card, the same credit limit, increased interest rate from 29.9% and lower reward level. I enquired about a credit limit increase and was told that I would not be able to get one on the new account. This was the straw that broke the camels back for me considering my wages have stagnated without increase for the last 3 years and I today (as a result of this post so thanks for that kick up the behind) applied for a Halifax Clarity Card (£5 reward for spending £300 = 1.6% cashback effectively) and got a limit of £2800 instantly approved. All the while my credit rating has been pretty well unchanged. I feel that Aqua clearly are trying to avoid customers who will never not pay in full and rely on them at some point paying fees. As I posted, I've not voted either way as it's neither a good deal, but also at the same time it's not a bad one, it's just the rate most everywhere is offering. The best option is to use a combination of these types of cards, I'll use my Halifax one up to the £300 spend requirement and then use another existing card for all other spending that I get 1% rewards (in Amazon vouchers) that's also no longer available to be applied for but the bank hasn't decided to close all the accounts on the deal.

Aqua Credit Card 3% cashback on All purchases, no annual fee
Found 21st Apr 2013Found 21st Apr 2013
Aqua Credit Card 3% cashback on All purchases, no annual fee will be good for saving money

Where have you been ?? I have been having aqua reward for a few months now .......


Reward Card (Cashback) not available, only Classic (32.9% APR) and Advance (34.9% droping to 19.9% over three years)


According to their website - 'We are not currently taking any new applications for the Reward card.'


I agree, but if you have setup standing order well free money


Extortionate APR - Don't even consider if you're not certain you'll pay off monthly.

4p per litre off fuel with aquacard
Found 8th Oct 2012Found 8th Oct 2012
Just read this deal - which is great, but you have to purchase from … Read more
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But isn't this the card that costs £2/month


Santanders 123 card offer the same 3% off all fuel purchases also has 1% cash back of department stores and 2% at supermarkets.

New Aqua Credit card - 3% Cash back on all purchases
Found 24th Aug 2012Found 24th Aug 2012
Aqua is offering 3% cash back on all purchases with its reward card. No annual fees. Best thing: You will get accepted even if you have bad credit scores (In most cases)... Note:… Read more
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Thread reported for you.


Have just applied for a card but not too impressed with being given an estimated £500 credit limit. Not much use when I use it for everything and then pay it off in full every month!!


How to move this to Deals? Will I be able to do this or Admin?


Not too sure how this qualifies as a 'freebie'... anyone able to elaborate?


Oh ok. Thanks for your reply. I have bad credit history so i was thinking of getting one of these cards to help me re-build. Will probably use it to pay my rent and bills and then repay it using DD. I dnt need it cos I earn enough money and all but no one else will give me credit ( even my bank that can see how much money there is in my account and how much savings i've got.)

Aqua Credit Card 3% cashback on All purchases, no annual fee
Found 15th Jun 2012Found 15th Jun 2012
will be good for saving money on my hukd purchases.
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Update chocci, the bank said the serial number on the cheque was invalid Just off the phone to Aqua, they are transferring the cashback to my bank via bank transfer and told me to destroy the cheque


I'm going straight to the Financial Ombudsman with this one. They're in breach of their own T&C's.


How did that happen? Your bank wouldnt know if the cheque would clear at the time you were paying it in Just got my final statement with £75 cashback credited to it. No cheque and no way of using the £75 bunch of muppets dont forget to write a glowing review ;)


tried to cash my cheque today, rejected!


I called up today and was told that they sent some cheques out last week, however due to a printing error some cheques were being rejected by banks. They have said that all cheques will be sent by the end of the week. I

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