AquaReef 200 Marine Tank in beech or Black full system was £699.98 now £499 @ ark pets online

AquaReef 200 Marine Tank in beech or Black full system was £699.98 now £499 @ ark pets online

Found 5th Nov 2010
great tank with full setup to get you up and going but trust me you will get the marine aquatic bug lol its so addictive but looks so amazing!

Marine systems live and die by the filtration - which is why AquaReef has taken built-in marine filtration to the new level. The Aqua Reef 200 aquaria incorporates a revolutionary adaptation to many traditional 'in tank' filters in that it has been designed to allow the aquarist to progress from the traditional form of biological filtration through to the incredibly effective 'Refugia'.

When combined with the effective T5 lighting system the aquarium provides a simple to operate but incredibly effective marine life support system for even the most delicate and sensitive marine species. Once fully matured, the Refugia is generally acknowledged by leading marine experts as one of the most successful forms of filtration for most species of fish and invertebrates. Combined with the integrated protein skimmer AquaReef 200 is the perfect product for marine enthusiasts.


A complete system aquaria, with the filtration set in the rear of the tank out of sight, no drilled glass or external hoses.

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Available Cabinet finish: Beech, Black
Dimensions Tank: 82 x 50 (15 cm filter depth) x 65cm
Water Capacity: 140L tank and 60L filter: total 200L
Heater: 200w
Lighting T5 Triphosphor 7100k: 2x 24w
Lighting T8 Marine Blue 20000k: 1x 15w and 1x 20w
Circulation pump turnover: 2600 L/hr
Protein skimmer: Aqua One AT80
Protein skimmer pump: 1200L/hr
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