Aquarium - 15L Fish tank - no fish £19.99 @ ALDI

Aquarium - 15L Fish tank - no fish £19.99 @ ALDI

£19.99ALDI Deals
Found 1st May 2011
15 litre hexagonal tank with lid and base
Internal power filter
Gravel included
Aquarium plant and fish food included

*Fish not included.
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Who in their right mind would think the fish were included oO
no fish cold from me not really... no vote
Its a good thing gold fish apparently have a 2 sec memory span otherwise they would end up planning a prison break after staying in this prison of a fish tank!

Do you think these type of Fish will be ok for this tank?
p.s have some heat..
Cold - far too small!!!!
too small for what?!
Really too small to have any decent fish (from someone who used to breed them). Tanks need a large surface area to house fish safely, and this definitely doesn't.
Feel sorry for any poor fish dumped in there :-(
Decent local retailer (ie not likes of Pets @ Home) could sort you out with a proper setup for a little more cash.
No fish included! Good! I wouldn't subject a fish to a life in that thing! Bloody ridiculous!
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