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WHOPPING JAR OF FOILED ICE CUPS £23.22 At The UKs No 1 Internet Sweetshop @ aquarterof
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Posted 10th Oct 2013Posted 10th Oct 2013
WHOPPING JAR OF FOILED ICE CUPS £23.22 At The UKs No 1 Internet Sweetshop @ aquarterof
2.3 kg jar of chocolate icy cups. Gorgeous and addictive. A quarter of. £19.27 & £3.95 p+p Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

My favourite sweets but wow that's expensive


I think people do it for fun Stacey, I wouldn't worry about it, Thanks for the heads up, I'm definitely getting some!!! :)


why the cold voters plz?


they are amazing. I bought them for my kids, devoured in days :)


I love these sweets I would have to stop my self from eating the whole jar in one go

1/2 Kilo Retro sweet Cube £6.97 + £2.16 P&P @ A Quarter of
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Posted 19th Dec 2012Posted 19th Dec 2012
1/2 Kilo Retro sweet Cube £6.97 + £2.16 P&P @ A Quarter of
Retro sweet cube with half a kilo of sweets, a bargain at this price, and the perfect stocking filler for Christmas. Next day delivery available.
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We have a family run shop that sells sweets from the 30's- 70's and even ours are cheaper than this :O


Agreed seems the price is OTT


U could probably get all that in a shop for £2.50 or less


Surely you can buy all of what's inside that for under half as much? They're not really 'retro' when I know at least half of them are still available in shops

Large box (60)  WHAM bars - £7.97 @ A Quarter of
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Posted 23rd Nov 2008Posted 23rd Nov 2008
Large box (60) WHAM bars - £7.97 @ A Quarter of
Remember WHAM bars? came accross these while looking for some retro sweets for xmas. You can still get them at www.aquarterof.co.uk 60 bars at a cost of £7.97

is anyone from runcorn? we used to get these from the moey man. it was a kinda converted oldskool ambulance which the guy turned into a mobile shop. everyone would be standing on the street waiting for him with their pocket money. you were only allowed on 2 at a time! think icecream man but more variety! those were the days...... x


I bought some last week for 10p, the blue ones arn't for veggies, Remember, if you ask your local corner shop they will get a box for you if you ask, it is an easy couple of quid for them to earn


I was'nt keen on these. I liked the ones with the green bits in I think they were Un-bongo bars.


10p in my local mills, (which is a pricey shop) voted cold! Whole site seems a rip off


you can always find these in cheap shops such as farm foods and home and bargain, I have even seen them before for about 15 for a quid. This is mega expensive I think. You also need to think about the dental expense afterwards!:whistling:

48 Wispa Bars For £25.55 Delivered @ A Quarter Of
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Posted 17th Nov 2008Posted 17th Nov 2008
48 Wispa Bars For £25.55 Delivered @ A Quarter Of
48 whole, delicious, mouth wateringly tasty Wispa bars for £25.55 delivered! Who can resist? (Mmmmmmm, That's GOOOOOOD Chocolate)
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Took that words right out of my mouth. Owch. 36p @ Home Bargains :thumbsup:


39p at Home Bargains or B & M


60p in my local Spa petrol station so would be a better deal for me....but id just walk around the corner to the cheaper corner shop.


£14.98 in makro!


most of the online sweet shops are a rip off.

Sale Now on @ A Quarter Of - Ideal for Valentines ! ( online sweet shop)
Posted 23rd Jan 2008Posted 23rd Jan 2008
Sale Now on @ A Quarter Of - Ideal for Valentines ! ( online sweet shop)
A Quarter Of sells lots of old-fashioned and yummy sweets - some that you can no longer get in the shops! "To celebrate the start of a brand new year, and the launch of our new s… Read more

Surely she must be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You do know that this'll have Emma scurrying off to find the best price on those bloody silver Rolo's that were doin' the rounds last Valentines, don't you Cat??!?


Not much in the sale. Found this for Valentines, but not paying that much! [url]www.aquarterof.co.uk/medium-wooden-romance-p-1402.html[/url]

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Posted 17th Sep 2007Posted 17th Sep 2007
We all love a quarter of but sometimes when you tkae into account the posted it gets rather expensive for some sweets So enter the code ---GOODBYE to get 10% off your next order … Read more

My brother got me a gift box for Christmas last year filled with goodies and it was great! Good for getting the sweets that aren't common anymore - don't tell my dentist though :whistling:


You may or may not be glad to know... I've just ordered and the discount comes through as 20%.. Still over priced, but some of the products are difficult to find elsewhere.


I know 250g doesnt go far :-(


15 quid for that? i was considering ordering some irn bru bars but looking at that result ill pass... :-(


I spent £15 once and the sweets were nice but i didnt get as much as i thought I took a pik of them when i bought them (below)-- all gone now :-D http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/4341/sweets2ad9.jpg

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Online Sweetshop 'A Quarter of...' 'Sale update'
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Posted 26th Jan 2007Posted 26th Jan 2007
Online Sweetshop 'A Quarter of...' 'Sale update'
Online Sweetshop 'A Quarter of...' have just started their first ever sale. Not massive reductions to be had but some reductions all the same! If nothing else, take a wander down m… Read more
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Just bumping this thread up, as it follows similar memories of bygone sweeties that the Wispa thread has...


Char82 (no relation) also recommended [url]www.cybercandy.co.uk[/url] for anyone new to this thread who hasn't read back through all the posts & is looking for hard to find treats.......


I suggested Katjes Jogger Gums to them. Where did they go? They were so scrummy too. What a big kid I am LOL


Thought they'd stopped making black jacks. Weather's crap - p***ing down here - so I had a great excuse to cheer myself up & order a few things. Cheers Charliethirtytwo:thumbsup:


Posting this almost exclusively for Jelli89 but hey, someone else might be interested.....The A Quarter Of... Sale Ends Soon We've just changed the selection of sweets in the Sale for the last time. Some are old, some are new... but one things for sure... there's something for everyone in there - including the fabulous Dubble Bubble Jars of individual fruit flavour bubblegum balls which now works out to less than 4 pence per ball - a complete steal... (Dubble Bubble invented bubblegum... we discovered yesterday !)[image missing] They're also running an Easter joke competition....Just reply to this email (news@aquarterof.co.uk) and tell us your favourite Easter Joke.We'll pick the one that we like the best and send out one of our fab 'Cracking Easter' Large Wooden Box of Treats (we say its large but its really huge... weighing in at over 7 pounds (3kg) - crammed with proper sweets[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"]Jelli.... you may want to check out the Brand name on these T-shirts....[/COLOR][/SIZE]http://www.urbanretro.co.uk/HiCalorie-T-shirts-p-1-c-336.html?utm_source=nws&utm_medium=eml&utm_campaign=nws15

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