Aquasphere goggles £8.90, free delivery +5% quidco @ Newitts

Aquasphere goggles £8.90, free delivery +5% quidco @ Newitts

Found 11th May 2009
I had a pair of of these before and left them in the pool, grrrrrrrr ,anyway i bought some speedo futura goggles (£13), and they are rubbish! they just let in water all the time and give you crazy eye goggle marks.

These retail at £13 or £14. and they are great goggles

and yes you can get mega cheap goggles at Newitts for £1.98 but they look terrible.
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Cheers, ordered them, hope the anti fog is good?
Great Price, always looking to try out different goggles. Yeah the futura were no good for me either. At the moment i am using some wide lens zoggs, great goggles but leave saggy baggy skin around the eyes after. The worse i have known. Will order some of these.
yep - ordered some for my beloved googles that I bought from Walmart in america. Sadly, those were left in the shower area for someone else to enjoy now.

The one-piece moulding across the nose is a must for me.
Great goggles with good review in Which?

Aquasphere Kaiman
4/5 stars
Best for: Leisure swimmers who want wide vision, rather than the focused vision favoured by racing swimmers.

As the top performing goggles in our trial, the Kaiman scored higher than any other for comfort and distortion-free vision. The large scratch-resistant lenses didn't leak or fog up much, the head strap didn't slip and the soft rubber on the eye-cup was an advantage because it moulded to fit different face shapes. More than half of our testers said they would buy these goggles.
Only 3 prs clear frames left
Junior size available too. Aquasphere goggles are the best. Cheers.
Great deal - thanks! Ordered clear pair - only one pair left now...
Newitts have sold out but you can get them here in various combos for £8.95 delivered.
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