Arai Chaser (Haga Red) at Hein Gericke - £269.99!

Arai Chaser (Haga Red) at Hein Gericke - £269.99!

Found 4th Jan 2011
Have been lurking here for a very long time now, but finally found a deal which I thought worth registering for to post.

£269.99 in store, £275.49 delivered.

If you know Arai helmets and like them, this is a deal for you. If you don't - try one on and you'll understand what all the fuss if about.

Have just ordered one to replace my almost eight year old Quantum F Haga rep (I paid £280 at the time, which was a good deal).

Go Nitro Nori!


Never had an Arai. Not keen on replica helmets (my old AGV Ago excepted) but will look at the range in view of your comments.

Voted hot.

cant comment or vote, dont know anything about them!

Original Poster

I never understood what all the fuss was about until I tried one on - after that, any other helmet felt cheap.

I'm not a huge fan of race reps either, but I'm a Haga fan and the original design and this one have always appealed (the other three not so much). As they are nice bright designs, it helps other road users to see you and look where you want them to - at your head.

I couldn't resist at this price, was tempted by the RX7-GP Haga Rep before Christmas, was £399 which is a great price but too much for me to justify (and it's a slightly different design, not as nice as the original red IMHO).

If you're looking for more sober colours, the Chaser is available in black for £239.99…749
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