Arc Welder at Aldi - £39.99

Arc Welder at Aldi - £39.99

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Found 10th Dec 2013
Was thinking of buying an Arc Welder to do domestic tasks. These are the only bits of details they have mentioned on their site. What do you guys think? Would this be any good? Don't forget it is covered with a 3 years warranty too!

Adjustable welding current
Input voltage: 230V/50Hz (works from 240V socket)
Electrode sizes: 1.6-2.5mm
Includes: Electrode Fastener, Combined Chipping Hammer/Wire Brush and Welding Shield
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That is a good price
Always useful.
Ok for thick material, no good for thin sheet, like car bodywork.
I let my oxy-acetylene rig go a few years back because the gas bottle rental got to be too much considering the amount of use I got out of it. So I got a cheap arc welder to fill the gap. Haven't been able to get on with it at all. Certainly you won't be able to weld up a rusty car. They might be good for joining two clean new pieces of steel of exactly the same thickness provided it is the right thickness and you have exactly the right rod for that thickness.
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no good for learning with either unless you want to practice making holes.
Not used one but i hear they cut out to easy on a constant run (thermal cutout)

And if folks blow holes in steel with an arc welder they they cant weld !
Arc welders are great if your repairing or making a trailer or brackets to hang up your ladders in the garage .If it's car repairs you want to do , it's a mig you want .
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