Arcade Zone Wii £9.99 @ Play

Arcade Zone Wii £9.99 @ Play

SuperEd 1
Found 31st Mar 2010
* Unique and Fun Gaming Zones: Classic, Pirate, and Sci-Fi!
* Play through all the games to unlock the Arcade Master Zone for a face-off with the resident arcade legend!
* "Classic retro videogames" incorporated in each zone: Freeway, Atlantis, Megamania, and Kaboom! Beat the retro games and earn old-school patches
* Each gaming zone requires you to help the vendor: blend smoothies, flip pizzas, and fry corn-dogs!
* Play Games, Earn Tickets and Tokens then Exchange for Prizes!
* Over 150 crazy prizes to win - from Chinese finger traps to hover-crafts!
* Fun for the Whole Family!
* Gameplay uses motion-sensing Wii Remote to capture all the fun of arcade games! Shoot basketballs and air hockey pucks, fire cannonballs at pirate ships, and much more!
* Simultaneous multiplayer allows you to take on your buddies!

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