Posted 16 May 2024

Arcade1Up Street Fighter 2 Capcom Legacy Championship Edition/Ms. Pac-man 40th Anniversary Edition (12 Games) - Free C&C only

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4343745_1.jpgArcade1Up Street Fighter 2 Capcom Legacy Championship Edition/ Pac-man 40th Anniversary Edition(12 Games) - £299.99 Free C&C only @ Smyths Toys! 🌞
Smyths More details at

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  1. Rayza's avatar
    What makes this a deal? Looks like the standard price (edited)
    umar1980's avatar
    These are £438 on the Arcade1up website! So this is not standard price! 🌞
  2. dawg's avatar
    I’ve got this. It’s ok. Nice light up control panel. 
    The control panel is a few inches lower than my Pacmania which makes it uncomfortable to play.  What this needs is a riser for the riser.  
    thecresta's avatar
    It does look like they took from the bottom to add to the top, compared to other cabinets?
  3. Twelvetoes's avatar
    Has it got a usb so u can you install Space invaders on it
    thecresta's avatar
    I modded my MvC2 cab with RetroArch, sure this one is android too so you'll likely find a guide online (search big blue softmod).
  4. notoriouschucky's avatar
    This has been the standard price in Smyths for the past year.....wish they would take something off the price
  5. Segata-San's avatar
    What are the sticks and buttons like on these? I would expect premium parts at this price, like sanwa or seimitsu, but I have a feeling it's some proprietary rubbish.
    charlie12's avatar
    so pro
  6. MusicmanJP's avatar
    Spend another £100 and get a MiSTer.
    Banksy_'s avatar
    Not really comparable. Anyone who buys this clearly wants the arcade cabinet itself otherwise there's tons of other ways to play the games.
  7. ra11's avatar
    Prefer mortal kombat do these come with stand too? (edited)
    umar1980's avatar
    Yes! States "Riser included" on website 🌞
  8. Twelvetoes's avatar
    WiFi and Bluetooth makes it future proof

    I would love to see a tabletop one - I would def be interested in (edited)
  9. FelixofMars's avatar
    I saw these a few weeks ago at this price and there is a Mortal Kombat and Pacman one. I think all but the Pacman one (which I think wasn't reduced before.) they are all OOS for deliver and most seem OOS in store.
  10. Michael_Bell's avatar
    It's been this price on Smyths for months and there are hardly any left anywhere in the UK. Sorry cold... 🥶
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