Arcam rCube ipod dock £299.99 @ BestBuy

Arcam rCube ipod dock £299.99 @ BestBuy

Found 27th Nov 2011
This is one of the best ipod docks available; rivalled only by the B&W zeppelin (which is more expensive). It has won numerous awards and glowing reviews, and the sound quality is truly amazing for something this small. Arcam dropped the price from £500 to £350 a couple of months ago - this is the lowest I've seen it and everywhere else online has it for £350. £500 was too much, but £300 is an amazing bargain for a piece of quality kit such as this. I understand BestBuy is no more but I imagine Arcam will honour their warranty.


Comparative prices:
Richer Sounds £349.95
HiSpek £349.00
John Lewis £399.95
Superfi £349.00
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Be on sale 2mo.
Unless you're pushed for space I don't really get the point of this type of thing. Audiophile ipod docks...As good as it probably is for the size it's not going to sound as good as a £100 amp + £100 speakers + £20 ipod charging dock with stereo output and a remote.

Enough left over for a CD or Bluray player.
If you had heard this you wouldn't compare to £100 amp and speakers. There is no comparison. You would have to double that at least to attain this quality.
But you're missing the point on this. It's the portability that's the beauty of this. I have an expensive separates system with a dock but am still after one of these to move between the kitchen, study etc as needed.
In saying that it's showing oos now. Damn!
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