Archer Season 1 (HD)  £4.99 at

Archer Season 1 (HD) £4.99 at

Found 1st Apr 2016
Perhaps not for everyone and this is available on Netflix but for those that don't have it, £4.99 seems like a good price when other seasons are £24.99.
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Great show. This and The Trailer Park Boys have been around and around on my Netflix so many times. I've often wondered how Archer would come across as a radio play. I know, 'Phrasing'. But it would so work.
You would be cheaper taking of netflix for 1 month and binge watching all 6 series.
Really like Archer... and if you dont have netflix this is a good deal... HOT
Love me some archer, absolutely fantastic show

Burt reynolds is hilarious in this
Love this show. Season 7 has just commenced in the US.
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