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FREE retro gamer magazines including ZZap!64, Crash, C&VG etc @ Internet Archive
Refreshed 31st JanRefreshed 31st Jan
This is a great site for retro magazines from yesteryear. I have included some direct links to the best magazines that I loved below. Computer & Video Games collection Cr… Read more
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Lesson learnt, big time.


Hell NO!!!working through the Zzap 64 mags online and wished i hadn’t chucked mines.Art work is still amazing and the honesty in the reviews is great.


Still got a pile of Crash mags and tapes in a case. Maybe - 25 years on, probably - time to let go?


XD Yup, that's pretty much spot on, the damn thing put your teeth on edge for the rest of the day. I found a video that shows just how awful the noise was. Skip to 50 seconds in to experience the pain.


Ahh, that's why you should start the bidding at £15 quid....

Free AudioBook Of The Girl On The Train (Paula Hawkins)
Found 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Free audiobook of Paula Hawkins' - The Girl On the Train (Now also a major motion picture starring Emily Blunt) Publication Date 2015 Language English Synopsis Rachel… Read more
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The site is perfectly legal and very safe, i use it often.


Ok that's great, thanks. I'll give that a go :)


Vbr mp3. Downloads as a single zip file


Okay enough book. Truly awful movie.


Thank you :)

Over 1000 Vintage Arcade Games All Completely FREE On PC or Laptop @ Internet Arcade
Refreshed 17th JanRefreshed 17th Jan
From a time when you did not need to use 200 buttons (left/right/shoot) or buy add ons to play! Over 1000 of the best original arcade games. Some great ones on there, too many to l… Read more
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There's a very good PC version of it. Google "chuckie egg pc" download, try and select one you like. I used to play it on CPC6128 and C64 - both versions were great. PC one very good too.


That's the one. I remember the Gyruss demo on Xbox 360 now. The 8-bit score is much catchier than the the HD one XD




That was a real head scratcher - probably Gyruss that plays Bach Toccata & Fugue in D Minor


You minx, It sounded like you knew! ;)

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FREE - The Internet Archive adds 1,100 New Arcade Machines!
Refreshed 14th MarRefreshed 14th Mar
FREE - The Internet Archive adds 1,100 New Arcade Machines!
Do you like arcade old school games like Outrun, Paperboy, Shinobi? Then this is for you :P The Internet Archive, have now added over 1,100 old school Arcade Machines to their sit… Read more
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Please tell me that Road Rash is included. PLEEEEAAASSSEEEEE.


Just get a black screen on chrome. Any suggestions?


Aw there I was all excited, but then nothing launches, I get as far as launching emulator then nothing more :(




Joy2key. It's free. Used it on browser games before. Works well enough. Definitely a faff to set up, but only have to do it once. Can befound on sourceforge. Or just google it.

Love On The Dole - free movie via the Internet Archive
Found 9th Sep 2018Found 9th Sep 2018
Love On The Dole - free movie via the Internet Archive
Watch Love On The Dole Free at LOVE ON THE DOLE A film by John Baxter Set in 1930s Salford during the Great Depression, Love on the Dole follows Harry Hardcastl… Read more

We found love in a hopeless place !






I admire your admiration in reading my comment with alertness, which wasn't even meant for you.

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Fashion Drawing For Dummies - Free public domain book
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
Fashion Drawing For Dummies - Free public domain book
Free public domain book on Drawing For Dummies.pdf Fashion Drawing For Dummies Book still currently… Read more

I also commented as 3's overzealous filters made me laugh.


Ikr I figured but I commented, because someone else commented that the link wasn't working for them. For the record, I was away from anywhere with WiFi secure enough for my liking, so I couldn't confirm whether the download was working.


Because there is no legal reason for it being Public Domain unless the publisher has made it so, which is unlikely. Just because someone has uploaded it there and marked it as Public Domain doesn't mean it is, in the same way it isn't Arabic despite being listed as such.


It doesn't actually IMO. Their rules are here: And their definition of por*****ic is much broader than mine (from personal experience) but maybe I'm a bit of a prude :)


Try using WIFI instead ? (embarrassed)

Online library of Vintage Children’s Books for Free
Found 15th Aug 2018Found 15th Aug 2018
Online library of Vintage Children’s Books for Free
UCLA Children's Book Collection - over 1800 books

I can recommend this Dictionary of Slang (1887) for a chuckle: (embarrassed)


Great deal op!


Great reference, tons of great stuff. Though the first one that I downloaded "Mother ,Goose nursery rhymes", from 1877, Publisher London : George Routledge and Sons, the Broadway, has some shocking prejudices,which were the norms then, adult supervision may be required now.


My kids are too old, but its still nice to see books in their original format in this modern world dont you think? (nerd)


Great find OP! Really handy for those us with kids ... Heat from me <3

Edge Special Edition The Making Of... 2016 - Free @
Found 2nd Jun 2018Found 2nd Jun 2018
Edge Special Edition The Making Of... 2016 - Free @
Edge "The Making Of..." Special Edition - Free @ The main link is to the PDF version, other versions available at… Read more

Cheers OP, have some heat. Had a quick flick and there's some interesting ones in there, Alan Wake, Assassins Creed, Infinity Blade. Looking forward to getting it all read. :)


Wow I had no idea Edge was still around. My last copy was about 20 years ago!


I flicked through it in WHSmith a couple of weeks ago and it is an interesting read.


This a really interesting read actually. Got it last year. Goes through a load of games from pong right through to today with concept art, interviews with Devs. If you are interested in game history it's ace


Cheers op. This looks very interesting (popcorn)

Junk Faxes Collection
Found 20th May 2018Found 20th May 2018
Junk Faxes Collection
A large collection of spam, advertisement, and unsolicited faxes acquired by Rob of IRRELEVANT.COM in roughly 2002. Fragile and randomly stored, they were originally brought home t… Read more

Heat for the heads up - there are quite a few archives, although I didn't expect to see one surrounding faxes! There is the wayback machine for all the old internet sites & magazines and someone has shared the old FAQs & BB sites as well! I feel old :{


Old school PC adverts with the tower and big monitors. Heh. Funny how you forget these things.


The PC price lists bring back a lot of memories. Norton Utilities and Ghost, Autoroute, Microsoft Money... Even the company names like Ingram, US Robotics...




The Magazine Rack, a downloadable collection of over 34,000 digitized magazines and other monthly publications.
Found 28th Apr 2018Found 28th Apr 2018
The Magazine Rack, a downloadable collection of over 34,000 digitized magazines and other monthly publications.
From <> Before we kept up with culture through t… Read more
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Current National Geographic available, I just read an amazing article about face transplants in the September issue. Just sort by most recent publication date and you'll find recent mags (y)


Great find, there are 'Adult' mags as well


No "Jazz" mags!!!

monkey42 , lots more if you delete part of the link , old movies , radio and lots of other stuff


Some great stuff like starlog, heavy metal o name a couple

The Great 78 Project - 63.000 digitized classic records for free
Found 12th Apr 2018Found 12th Apr 2018
The Great 78 Project - 63.000 digitized classic records for free
There you find records that you won't find at any other music service. Have fun. The Great 78 Project is a community project for the preservation , research and discovery … Read more
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I could help out here, I've still got a floppy disc reader.


Warning: NSFW:


The 1s and 0s are in very specific formats though. A USB drive will probably be in FAT32 format today but 15 years ago would've been FAT16. Ten years before that, probably some other format. I can't even remember the drive format my Amiga used 20 years ago. Then there's the file formats themselves. It was MP3 for years but now it's mostly AAC. Then again, an official audio archive might use a lossless format like FLAC. Ten years from now all of this will probably have changed again, and being stored on fragile media only makes the job harder. Keeping track of digital stuff is much more complex than the old physical media. The work the Internet Archive is doing goes mostly unnoticed, but only increases in value as the years plod on.


brilliant great sight


It was? Ok! (y)

Free MS-DOS Games - 4,079 Games to play online!
Found 20th Mar 2018Found 20th Mar 2018
Free MS-DOS Games - 4,079 Games to play online!
If you're as old as I am, you may remember those good old keyboard bashing days. Emerge yourself into the horrific graphic experience! All games free to play online
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think its online only. If you're on android you can download pretty much any emulator/game you want!


No lands of lore? Boooo :p


is it possible to play amiga games on there? can't seem to work it out


Have I missed something but how do I control the games on an iPad. Champ Manager for instance?


Do you wear jeans? And iron creases in them?

Software Library: Amiga software FREE @ Internet Archive
Found 15th Mar 2018Found 15th Mar 2018
Software Library: Amiga software FREE @ Internet Archive
These emulated Amiga software programs consist of demos and music disks from 20 years of community coding. A thank you to the Scripted Amiga Emulator project, as well as db48x … Read more

Buy an A500 on ebay, why have the shell when you can have the real thing.


and Denise singing in 12 bit stereo in the mid 80's , so ahead of its time.


Fat Agnus!


Still have our family Amiga with CRT monitor and PC emulator board in my parent's loft along with our old Spectrums - I can't wait to see my kid's reactions when I finally get them out.


Think everyone with a maplin soldering iron kit, a few IC's and a copy of the pcb layout nicked from the local library was making these to sell in the late 80's !!!! (party)

Hi Ho Silver  !!!   - Lone Ranger Comics (Various Formats)  Free Downloads @ Archive.Org
Found 4th Feb 2018Found 4th Feb 2018
Hi Ho Silver !!! - Lone Ranger Comics (Various Formats) Free Downloads @ Archive.Org
The Lone Ranger is a fictional masked former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West with his Native American friend, Tonto . The character has been cal… Read more
Boz Ranger Comics I just double checked all links are working


Working for me Try this link


OP .. I'm getting a "This site can’t be reached" when I click on your Get Deal link unfortunately ... Can you cut &amp; paste the link again for us all here too please?. :-)


4,081 MS-DOS games - FREE to play - Internet Archive
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
4,081 MS-DOS games - FREE to play - Internet Archive
I've just been having a good old look at the Internet Archive (it's been a while since I've been on there), and after looking at this 31GB complete Amiga compilation rememberd… Read more
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Well found Buzz. That's the very one I had. My brother and me used to have great fun playing that.


Anyone remember Qube Jumper? I would love to play that again.


Hi All. Sorry for being not too bright, but anyone prepared to give me a walk-through of how to use the Amiga emulator mentioned at top of thread? TIA


excellent!! cheers!!


Made a comment on Friday, you are correct, Now have a peanut keyboard warrior.

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins (Free Audiobook)
Found 13th Nov 2017Found 13th Nov 2017
Free audiobook of Paula Hawkin’s bestseller The Girl On The Train. Enjoyed reading this book when it first came out and looking forward to hearing the audio version. All credit to … Read more

Nice down load,I do not know this Author but will endeavour to pursue this=Hot :p


The audible one is 10 hours and 57 minutes


2 hours is super short for a book. Game of Thrones, just the 1st book, is nearly 34 hours.


This is the radio dramatisation from Radio 4. It is abridged and adapted - probably well worth a listen - just not the full text. Still, heat from me.


Just realised didn’t mention which version :) click on the mp3 version after downloading Documents 6

Algernon Blackwood's  -  Ghost Stories [Audio Recordings] - Free Download @
Found 7th Nov 2017Found 7th Nov 2017
Algernon Blackwood's - Ghost Stories [Audio Recordings] - Free Download @
Supernatural tales by English short story writer Algernon Blackwood Abridged by Robin Brooks. Read by Matthew Marsh Produced by Clive Brill Episode 1 - Keeping His Promise… Read more

Sweet thanks Boz

otr drama
Found 24th Oct 2017Found 24th Oct 2017
excellent otr drama mainly but not exclusively bbc also
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Vintage arcade games from when you had to go to an arcade to play video games. Free @ Internet Arcade
Refreshed 8th JanRefreshed 8th Jan
Vintage arcade games from when you had to go to an arcade to play video games. Free @ Internet Arcade
The link takes you to the early 80's, I spent many old 10p's (yes school dinner money) on this game (phoenix), but they are all on here scramble, space invaders,defender, tron, cos… Read more
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Tip Top. I can remember wasting (yes) my £5 "holiday money" in Wales playing Galaxian at the beach at Benllech back in about 1983. Otherwise, used to gain free credits by using a piezo out of a lighter on the coin plate...assuming machine was not alarmed.


Just £1 made you Han Solo for 3mins if you were good at that annoying (loved it really)£1 eating machine ;)


You need a Quickshot IV :-) Or maybe a Konix


Can't believe I missed this deal when it was originally posted back in October. Would have to agree with @dpathic2001 Phoenix was the one. I could of bought the arcade machine with the amount of 10p's I spent playing this down at Grangemouth swimming baths as a kid 8)


Lol. Just about to buy two. But out of stock.... (embarrassed)

Internet Archive - Something for everyone and it's all free!
Found 30th Sep 2017Found 30th Sep 2017
Internet Archive - Something for everyone and it's all free!
I've posted bits of this in the past but it's well overdue a repost. The description on the site says that ..... Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free book… Read more

Thanks mate... Lovin it!

fatreg 26,000 78"s you can listen to.


One of my most favourite sites ever. The Smashing Pumpkins page is a cave of gems: :D


Good shout, a truly amazing resource &amp; place. It's based in a really cool old church in San Francisco


Free Laurel and Hardy movies! HEAT!!!!

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