Archos 28 Internet Tablet (£70.01 off) @ Ebuyer £49.98 (free del)
Archos 28 Internet Tablet (£70.01 off)   @ Ebuyer £49.98 (free del)

Archos 28 Internet Tablet (£70.01 off) @ Ebuyer £49.98 (free del)

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ARM Cortex A8 800MHz
4GB Flash
2.8" Touch
3D OpenGL ES
Android 2.2

Product Description
The ARCHOS 28 internet tablet offers a compact form factor with a 2.8 inch touch-screen, and yet a wide range of features such as video, Internet browsing and tons of applications downloadable from AppsLib, as well as a sharp music application every player of this form factor deserves. Android is the application framework developed by Google for connected mobile devices, coming with a full pack of connected apps such as a web browser and email application.

The 5 home screens of the Android user interface allow for advanced personalization: icons can be placed, moved or erased with just a flick of a finger. Thanks to the home screen widgets, users can instantly access their favourite applications. The ARCHOS 28 internet tablet has Samba and UPnP protocols: this means that you play your movies, videos, and photos on your ARCHOS, but these files are really located on your computer in another room. You don’t need to store everything on your ARCHOS to enjoy viewing it on your ARCHOS! On top of Android’s latest version, ARCHOS, still at the forefront of innovation, brings you exclusive applications.

The internet tablets feature music, video and photo applications, developed by ARCHOS, that enrich the user experience with smooth browsing through the album covers and with widgets added to the home screen to give instant access and control to media. These unique Android applications allow users to amplify their digital experience. One of these functions, 3D album cover application, allows you to glide through your music by album covers. You can also make your own music playlists or browse your songs and music by favourites, recently played or recently added.

Because you want to enjoy your videos and TV shows without re-encoding them with complicated software, ARCHOS makes your life easier by supporting audio and video formats beyond the standard ones of Android. It can even display subtitles and alternate audio tracks, all you have to do is drag, drop, and play! What other functions were created for you? An internet connected Photo frame application with 3D transitions, and the ability to sync your pictures with your Facebook, Picasa or Flickr account. Who doesn’t have a few minutes to watch a little video? The ARCHOS 28 internet tablet answers this need with its video player application that supports all the popular video formats.


ARM Cortex A8 0.8GHz (L3 Cache)
Graphic accelerator: 3D OpenGL ES 2.0


4GB Flash Memory


Operating System / Application Framework: Android 2.2 Froyo
Device automatically downloads latest firmware updates when the WiFi connection is activated
Updates can also be downloaded at archos.com and updated via USB mass storage

Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, 7 or higher
Linux (with Mass Storage Device Support)
USB 2.0 interface


2.8" TFT LCD Touch screen
Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)
262 000 colours

Video Playback

MPEG-42 ([email protected] AVI, up to DVD resolution, 30 fps @ 4 Mbps)
H.264 (up to DVD resolution MP/D1, 30 fps @ 2 Mbps)
WMV/VC1 (up to DVD resolution MP/D1, 30 fps @ 3 Mbps)
M-JPEG (Motion JPEG Video) in VGA resolution
With optional plug-in (downloadable on archos.com):
Cinema: MPEG-2 (up to DVD resolution MP/D1, 30 fps @ 5
With the above codecs, the device can play video files with the following extensions: AVI, MP4, MOV, 3GP, MPG, PS, TS, VOB, MKV, FLV, RM, RMVB, ASF, WMV
Photo viewer: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF


WMA, WMA-Pro 5.1
AAC, AAC+ 5.13
OGG Vorbis
optional software plug-ins (downloadable on archos.com): AC3 5.1


WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)

Power Supply

Internal: Lithium Polymer battery
Device charges via computer USB port

Battery Life

Music playback time5: up to 16 hours
Video playback time5: up to 4 hours
Web surfing5: up to 6 hours


Width 100 mm
Depth 54 mm
Height 9 mm
Weight 68 grams


USB 2.0 Device
USB 2.0 Host: Mass Storage Class (MSC) and Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) (adapter micro B/A sold separately)


1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Original Poster


Isnt worth 119.99 in the first place

49.99 worthy though

Why would anyone carry this and a mobile phone? Surely simpler to get something like the Orange San Francisco for a few quid more?

Attention: no Micro SD card slot

rubbish cold.

Not great as an mp3 player, not great as a phone-less phone. maybe buy this for a bit of fun, doesn't look very practical..

tablet, my ass

2.8" screen? A tablet? Is this a joke?


tablet, my ass

That would be a Suppository my friend


That would be a Suppository my friend

For all the good it would do him, he would be as well sticking it ...in his mouth.:p


Why would anyone carry this and a mobile phone? Surely simpler to get … Why would anyone carry this and a mobile phone? Surely simpler to get something like the Orange San Francisco for a few quid more?

My thoughts exactly!Ive got a san francisco phone and quite happy with it.

Missing a few thousand pixels, camera and a phone.


It's not a tablet, it's a pebble.

Many games and apps like Angry Birds won't run on such a low res.

Touch-screen MP3 player with Wifi and web browsing: yes.
Internet tablet: no.

Was excited when saw the price, was bored to death by the specs... COLD

Original Poster

Thought the price was pretty good for anyone that was after this, and thus a deal?

The only thing it is missing is the phone part, perhaps they should market it as an android equivalent to an ipod?

Let me think: Apple iPod classic 160GB - Black £180 or Archos 28 £50?

---------------------------Apple ----------------------- Archos
Width ------------------- 61.8mm-------------------------54mm
A world of apps?--------No------------------------------ Yes
Sat Nav?-----------------No--------------------------------Yes
BBC Iplayer?------------No--------------------------------Yes
You tube------------------No--------------------------------Yes
book reader?------------No--------------------------------Yes.

Touch choice. Heat Added.
Edited by: "smartdave" 5th Jul 2011
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