Archos 402 20GB Mp3 & Video Player With Built In Camcorder - £89 plus delivery
Archos 402 20GB Mp3 & Video Player With Built In Camcorder - £89 plus delivery

Archos 402 20GB Mp3 & Video Player With Built In Camcorder - £89 plus delivery

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The Gmini 402 Camcorder is the first mp3 player with a built-in camcorder. Take it with you to capture up to 50 hours of personal videos or enjoy your favorite songs on the go.

The Gmini 402 is the next-generation Pocket Multimedia Center to take on the go all your digital entertainment: video, photos, music and games, including the protected content downloaded from multiple 'PlaysForSure' TM websites. Fully compatible with Windows Media Technology, you can synchronize automatically your media file each time you connect the device to your PC. The Gmini 402 is ultra small, ultra slim, ultra light and features a cool and silver metallic cover.

The slim and sleek 20 gigabyte hard-drive-based video, audio and photo device is now Microsoft PlaysForSure(TM)-compatible, supporting both protected download and subscription music services, and features a 2.2" color LCD screen and sleek metallic casing. The Gmini 402 is an upgrade from the Gmini 400 released last year and is the perfect summer companion to take up to 80 hours of video, 200,000 photos or 10,000 songs in your pocket wherever you go.

The ARCHOS Gmini 402 is designed for media enthusiasts who want to take their video, photos and music with them on a stylish pocket-sized device. With its sleek metallic design, the Gmini 402 measures only 10,6 x 6 x 1,7 mm and is 160 grams, yet offers the largest hard drive capacity and color LCD screen for a product of its size. The latest in the ARCHOS Gmini line of music players offers an extensive list of features, including:

Record your personal videos in MPEG 4 format directly to your Gmini 402 Camcorder 20 GB capacity. Five different modes are available for you to select the adequate resolution to your needs. In low mode, you may capture up to 50 hours1 of your personal videos and 13 hours1 in high resolution (VGA). The Gmini 402 Camcorder has also a digital zoom 2x. With DSC function, your Gmini 402 Camcorder can be used as a still camera allowing you to take photos with maximum resolution of 1.2 mega pixels.

PC autosync
Using the high-speed USB 2.0 interface, the Gmini 402 will easily auto-synchronize this content with Windows Media Player 10 each time you connect it to your PC, or convert your Windows Media Player 10 library content to one of the many compatible formats (MP3, WMA, WAV, protected WMA, MPEG-46, WMV and protected Windows Media Video2).

Play Video
Download videos from your PC using the high-speed USB 2.0 interface. Store up to 80 hours1 of video. Play MPEG-46 and WMV2, including protected WMV2 files. Play back on the 2,2" LCD or any external screen.

Photo wallet
Transfer photos directly from your digital camera or from another mass storage device using the built-in USB host connection, or from a computer using the high-speed USB 2.0 interface. Store up to up to 200,000 photos. Organize photos in easy thumbnail or slideshow views, and watch them on the Gmini 402 screen or any external display.

The Gmini 402 has a USB Host Port enabling you to copy, share, connect and transfer files directly from other powered mass storage devices such as digital cameras, card readers, USB keys, and powered portable hard drives. Play back directly any compatible contents on the external hard drive connected to your Gmini 402 (no data transfer needed). The Gmini 402 also features a high-speed USB 2.0 interface to connect your device to your PC or Mac and easily transfer contents. Additionnally, the TV output will allow you to enjoy photos and movies on any external screen.

Music Player
Easily transfer songs from your PC and organize them with the enhanced ARCLibrary. Store up to 10,000 songs1 in the most used format such as MP3, WMA, WAV and protected WMA (PlaysForSure files). Customize your view by artist, album, type of music, title, year, and create play lists without having to use a computer. The Gmini 402 also offers an audio recording application to record (encoding in real time) in WAV (PCM or ADPCM), from almost all analog stereo sources. You can also use the stereo microphone if you wish to record notes to yourself for easy access later.

Play games
Play popular Mophun games4 directly on the Gmini 402 or on a TV. Demo games are included in the Gmini 402 and you can purchase games on the ARCHOS Web site.

Don't forget Quidco at 3% too, brings price down to £96.03, plus you have the option of collecting from a couple of places within mainland UK for free.

- chrizzler

Price updated to reflect a further £10 reduction since last posting! Have used this quite a bit over the week, really pleased with it. Ok, so it's not the most stylish, but it's very capable.
- chrizzler


I can't believe that these have become so low in price! I paid over £250 when they first came out. Brilliant device. My wife uses it now after I upgraded to 404.


I cannot see why anyone would vote this cold! Some sad people on HUKD tonight.

Just heated it up abit, great price! Yep alot of negative people on HUKD these days, and they rarely give a reason for their cold vote.


Cheapest postage is £5.86. Good reviews on this product after a quick search on google. This is a fab price for a 20gb mp3 player, the cam is a bonus!


I want one....great price...anyone want to buy an Ipod?

Voting Hot.
Would still rather have the 404 Camcorder.
But for this price I'm sure there are loads of people gonna have fun with this device.

USB host capability is rather handy as well, especially for backing up photos from a memory card away from a PC.


Original Poster

Received my 402 this morning, great little product, smaller than expected, ideal for taking to a concert or festival and getting some footage without being overloaded by bulky pockets!

Recommended to all :))


Nice find chrizzler, looks great! :thumbsup:

Now £89.99 plus about £6 delivery.


Now £89.99 plus about £6 delivery.

Don't forget - 3% Quidco cashback:p

that s great price , does anyone know if you can change the hard drive to bigger one assuming its laptop hard drive in these?

Original Poster

I'm not sure what type of hard drive is in this, 30 gig not big enough for ya?! Price updated to £89 to reflect reduction since posting. Gutted I paid an extra tenner for it at £99, but even at that price, offers really value over rivals out there imo.

I have an Archos 20g MP3 and I love it to bits. Took me a bit of effort to work out how to download songs etc (Im no techy head!) but since then its become my trusted friend. Im a clumsy oaf and have dropped it a couple of times but no damage .... very sturdy (not like an ipod)

Am seriously tempted!


I'm not sure what type of hard drive is in this, 30 gig not big enough … I'm not sure what type of hard drive is in this, 30 gig not big enough for ya?! .

It's 20 gig not 30

This is a pretty sweet deal! Will have to check the pennies in the bank tomorrow to see if i can afford this

I agree with the first few posts, sad to see some people cold vote for no apparent reason. I think some people must be cold voting anything that doesnt interest them/they wont be buying

Nice never heard of it before, so is just like a video ipod with a camrecorder? also is it the same to add songs etc just drag and drop?



Nice never heard of it before, so is just like a video ipod with a … Nice never heard of it before, so is just like a video ipod with a camrecorder?

Basically, yes

It plays music, video, games and has a camera. More info here: archos.com/pro…al&

Archos' products are regarded quite highly, not as user friendly as Apples but they have more functionality.
This is really their competitor to the Nano though. Their competitor to the video iPod is really the 604 WiFi (in terms of price) which is leagues a head of this and anything Apple have churned out: archos.com/pro…al&
And even that isnt their most advanced product! ;-)

Was looking into these last night, got to try and choose between this, the 604 and a new music mobile...

Anyway, thats probably far more information than you wanted :oops:
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