Archos 504 Digital 40GB Portable Multi-Media Player £199 Delivered

Archos 504 Digital 40GB Portable Multi-Media Player £199 Delivered

Found 17th Nov 2006
Another nice looking portable multi-media player from Archos, the 504 with 40Gb capacity and it's now £199 including free SuperSaver delivery...

Features: Archos 504 - digital AV player * Device Type: Digital AV player * Dimensions (WxDxH): 13 cm x 2.3 cm x 7.8 cm * Weight: 315 g * Key Features: Digital audio player, voice recorder, digital photo viewer, external HDD function, digital video player * Hard Drive: 40 GB * Display Type: 4.3" TFT * Supported Still Images Formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG * Supported Audio Formats: WAV, WMA, AAC, MP3, AC-3 * Video Playback Formats: MPEG-4, MPEG-2, WMV * PC Interfaces: Hi-Speed USB * Battery: Internal rechargeable - lithium polymer * Included Accessories: Stereo headphones, USB cable, carrying pouch
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[COLOR=darkred]Manufacturer's Description[/COLOR]
Archos 504 40GB Digital Media Player The ARCHOS 504 is the PMP with the biggest storage capacities of the Gen 4 range. Available with 40GB hard disk version, this device can store up to 4503 movies and its bright and luminous 16/9 screen brings you the best portable video experience. Hard drive capacity up to 160 GB to store 450 movies, 1.6 million photos3 or 80,000 songs. Reads all standard video formats1 in full DVD Resolution. DVD-quality video playback on TV with optional DVR Station. Records directly from TV in high-quality MPEG-4 with optional DVR station . Bright, 4.3" TFT screen with 16 million colours - ideal for watching videos and viewing photos. Extremely fast photo viewer with zoom, music and transition effects. Advanced Music player able to display track, artist, album, and album cover. Compatible with most DVD quality video and music online stores. Removable battery for extended viewing Possibilities.
[COLOR=darkred]Video player[/COLOR]
The ARCHOS 504 is the PMP with the biggest storage capacities of the Gen 4 range. Available in 80 and 160GB* versions, The ARCHOS 504 can store up to 4505 movies and its bright and luminous 16/9 screen brings you the best portable video experience.
Watch movies or music clips on the built-in 4.3" TFT widescreen or playback on TV in high resolution up to 720 x 576 (DVD quality) with the DVR station. Play a large variety of video files, including MPEG-41, WMV2 and protected WMV2 and read MPEG-4 AAC/H.2643 (.MP4 QuickTime files), MPEG-24, and VOB4 with optional software plug-ins (soon available on this website). The ARCHOS 504 also offers many more functionalities such as slow motion, adjustable screen size, video editing and even a video bookmarking function.
[COLOR=darkred]Record TV or external video sources[/COLOR]
Transform your ARCHOS 504 into a Digital Video Recorder with the optional DVR station. Record TV or most video sources such as satellite/cable box, VCR, DVD player6 or camcorder in MPEG-4 format1. Set up the DVR station by connecting it to the external video source; simply slot in your ARCHOS and record instantaneously or make scheduled recordings with the included infrared receiver that controls the external video sources.

[COLOR=darkred]Turn your ARCHOS into a camcorder[/COLOR]
Record your personal videos.
ARCHOS allows you to transform your device into a camcorder:
- By connecting most digital cameras to your ARCHOS 504, through the optional DVR travel adapter.
- By connecting the optional high resolution helmet camcorder to the ACHOS 504.
The ARCHOS 504 records video directly on its hard drive in MPEG-4 format, up to VGA resolution (640 x 480).

[COLOR=darkred]Photo Wallet[/COLOR]
Transfer your photos from a PC or most mass storage devices via the USB 2.0 high speed interface or directly from a digital camera, on the move with the optional docking adapter, or at home with the DVR station. Store and view up to 1,6 million photos5 (JPEG, PNG and BMP formats) and display slideshows with music and transition effect. Manage your files and folders directly on the device for a better mobility.

[COLOR=darkred]Music Player[/COLOR]
Store up to 80,000 songs5 on the hard drive and play most popular music files such as MP3, WAV, WMA and protected WMA files. Easily organize songs with the enhanced ARC Library and customize your view by artist, album, type of music, title, year, and create your playlists without having to use a computer. Use the voice recorder to store notes quickly for a later use.

[COLOR=darkred]Charge and sync[/COLOR]
Charge your ARCHOS 504 via the USB 2.0 interface or plug the device into the DVR station to get a quick charge (faster than USB). Purchase, download, subscribe to or rent protected video and music content from the Microsoft PlaysForSure™ websites. Using the high-speed USB 2.0 interface, the ARCHOS 504 will easily auto-synchronize this content with Windows Media® Player 10 each time you connect it to your PC, or convert your Windows Media® Player 10 library content to one of the many compatible formats (MP3, WMA, WAV, protected WMA, MPEG-41, WMV2 and protected Windows Media Video2).
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