Archos 705 80GB WiFi £119.99 @ Maplin
Archos 705 80GB WiFi £119.99 @ Maplin

Archos 705 80GB WiFi £119.99 @ Maplin

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Browsing through the Maplin site and saw this.

Product Features

* Record your favourite TV shows
* Enjoy the high resolution 7" touch screen (800x480)
* Download movies and music directly on your ARCHOS 705 using the ARCHOS Content Portal
* Internet enabled to surf the Web, share content, and access Web video sites (eg. Dailymotion or Youtube)
* Customize your ARCHOS with great accessories and plugins
* View, zoom photos and make slide shows with music and transition effects, for viewing on the PMP or on TV
* Listen to all your favorite music in more formats than in any other player

Featuring the highest quality screen resolution, highest quality video, touch screen, WiFi capabilities for streaming content to the device or a TV, the Archos 705 WiFi is the top product in the line-up for flexibility, portability, features and price.

Your Movies, Your Videos

Store and play up to 100 movies. Play the most popular video format: MPEG-42, WMV2, protected WMV2, MPEG-2**, VOB**, H.264**
(*with optional plug-ins).

Your TV

Record your favorite TV shows or series directly on your ARCHOS 705 WiFi with the optional DVR Station Gen 5. Easy programming with the TV Program Guide. Record the most video sources such as satellite/cable box, VCR, DVD3 player in MPEG-4 format.

7" Touch Screen

The Archos 705 WiFi features the highest resolution 7" screen (800 X 480) and highest quality screen in a PMP. Use the touch screen to easily operate the device with your finger or stylus.


Download content wirelessly and directly to your Archos 705 WiFi via the Archos Content Portal and our partners'' online stores. You can also stream movies, TV shows and music that are stored on your computer. Your device is Internet ready! With the optional Web browser plug-in, you can surf the Web and enjoy videos from online videos sites like DailyMotion and YouTube.

Easy Navigation

Through home WiFi connection, you can enjoy the entire shared digital media library of your home PC in your living room, not just in your office. Easily navigate using the remote control with an integrated key board and mouse pointer.

Your Photos

Transfer your photos from a PC or most mass storage devices (such as a digital camera, USB key or external hard drive) via the USB 2.0 high speed interface and the included UBS host. Store and view up to 800,000 photos (JPEG, PNG and BMP formats). Display slideshows with music and transition effects. Manage your files and folders directly on the device for easier organization with or without a computer.

Your Music

Store and listen to up to 45,000 songs. Play music in the most popular formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA and protected WMA. Easily organize songs with the enhanced ARCLibrary. View by artist, album, type of music title and create your playlist on the go.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q- Hi Can this item read PDF documents - Trevor
Answer- Yes the product does support that.
Q- Hi, Does this come with a remote control. - Gav
Answer- Yes, this product does include that
Q- Does this device support DivX or XviD encoded avi files? - Brian
Answer- Yes the product does support that.
Q- Does this come with the DVR adaptor? - david
Answer- This is not included
Q- Can this unit effectively act as a mini monitor to a computer, either on the wifi or by cable? - Bob Valleley
Answer- No sorry this product does not support that.
Q- Can I use Internet using a bluetooth device in this product? - Vhupal
Answer- No sorry this product does not support that.
Q- will my internet dongle work in this? - mort
Answer- No sorry this product does not support that.

good deal

Looking forward to visiting Preston next weekend

use code secret6 for another £6 off at the checkout - so £113.99 delivered - Hot

Plus 2.5% Quidco if voucher codes used - otherwise 6% if not using a code


good dealLooking forward to visiting Preston next weekend:-D

Up the Blues

this one displays only 260,000 colors instead of the 16 million colours other Archos's show. no idea if that makes a difference on a small screen, just thought i'd point it out.

had one of these, real let down, the wifi capabilities are extremely locked down.

for networking you get uPNP and thats about it, NO SMB , NO FTP or anything else remotely useful

oh and if you wish to browse the internet on it, think again, you will have to purchase, YES, THATS PURCHASE!! the web browser plugin for it, this does not come as standard, and when you do get the plugin, browsing is extremely limited, so dont be thinging any last.fm or spotify on this thing.

basically it is a very very well made 7" portable picture frame , that just so happend to play music and some videos.

codec support isnt brilliant either. oh and the tv recording, forget it, you will also need to purchase the plugin for this as well, and you will need the docking station.

seriously people its not what its made out to be, google search before purchase is definately recommended.

real downer as well, as the unit is fantastically made, but speakers leave a hell of a lot to be desired.

hope this helps, mine lasted 2 days before going back whence it came...................

Very nearly ordered one. However CNET user reviews are generally hostile on its longevity and back up. As I am currently trying to get Jessops and Carphone Warehouse to honour warranty claims I can do without another!

I have had 5 archos products and this was the worst purchase I made and duly sent back...

unless you know what you are doing be careful because the Archos customer services is the worst I have ever dealt with too..

only thing that keeps me going back is there good products, however this was a let down


Very nearly ordered one. However CNET user reviews are generally hostile … Very nearly ordered one. However CNET user reviews are generally hostile on its longevity and back up. As I am currently trying to get Jessops and Carphone Warehouse to honour warranty claims I can do without another!

nice avatar.....

the master tv series was good in its day....

bought one of these a few months ago & sold it via amazon a month later. confusing set-up installing the purchased add-ons. archos have a PREMIUM helpline number for those who get baffled -(not just me then!!? ) dont recommend.

Good deal - nice item although not as good a video player as the earlier 704 (IMHO) a few too many glitches but on the whole well worth the price although be aware you will need to spend another £17 or so (flebay is cheapest) on the 'plug-ins' pack to get web and vob n ac3 etc un-locked - picture quality on the 704/5 is better than the archos 7 from personal experience (yellow cast on the 7).....maybe personal that tho

Am I missing something, Or is there a reason why every Maplin deal seems to link to a packet of battery's.:thinking:

I nearly bought an Archos deal similar to this a while ago and as others have mentioned i found out you need to buy a load of plug-ins to actually get the thing to work.

you also get 10% student discount at Maplin for those of you who don't know!!

I bought the 705 6 months ago to replace the terrible Archos 7 which I returned because it was so unstable and kept crashing. Purchased all the plugins from the usual online aution site very cheaply and have enjoyed it ever since. The only probelm I found is that the sound isn't very loud so if used at home I often connect to the TV and watch on the bigger screen.

Voted hot. I've had mine for a year now and it's used a lot as an in-car media player.

- Great video quality
- It plays xvid encoded movies out of the box
- Great sound via the headphone out (I don't use it as a music player due to its size but the sound is arguably better than my iPod)
- Touch screen layout is fairly user-friendly

- Weak battery (I generally get 2 to 2 1/2 hours of video time, but you upgrade the battery to a 10200mAh one)
- Processor is quite slow by today's standards so internet browsing & simple flash games work (with the plug-in installed) but it's sloooooow
- Sound from onboard speakers isn't great, but it's just a loudness issue (some people have reported improvements if you boost the sound level when encoding)

Problem is, Once you add the plugins, Are you not getting close to netbook territory.

After buying (2) 605 wifi ones last year and that after everything was purchased to uncripple the device they set me back over £700 avoid them and get an Itouch instead.

If they could do stuff straight out the box like they used to for the above price then what a bargain.

Which is the best archos to buy out of them all, as I have hearing problems and I have been seeing a lot of problems with sound issues on some of the models, so was kinda looking for 1 that works really well and 1 that has good sound, tried to to a search but getting nowhere, thought here would be the best place to ask, I ordered 1 of these yesterday but after seeing the problems i will be taking it back to the store as soon as I get it through for a refund, and putting it towards a better archos that has good sound, so which 1 is the best on the market just now??? or would I be better off with an ipod touch???

got one of these at home doing nothing, can someone tell me how to set this up and running please

this is just a point, the plugins you can purchase off the well know auction site, are counterfeit , they will work, but if yu reset the settings or do a firmware upgrade you may loose them (this is from a website i had read when i owned mine for a a brief amount of time).

if they sorted the OS out, and came with a decent web browser, and supported more than uPNP , like for instance something as simple as SMB then this would be a much better unit.

you could hack some of the earlier ones, really sad as if you could run something like xbmc on these (as they run on a form of linux anyway) this would be a top notch item, build quality is excellant, except for speakers.

real shame.
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