Archos 705 WIFI 80GB MP4 Player - £159.99 - Argos

Archos 705 WIFI 80GB MP4 Player - £159.99 - Argos

Found 18th Mar 2009
1st deal so go easy. Seems to be circa £200 elsewhere. Not available for delivery but available to collect from store

7in screen.
80GB memory.
Up to 25 hours audio playback.
Up to 5.5 hours video playback.
Size (H)18.2, (W)12.8, (D)2cm.
Weight 630g.

Play your digital entertainment: movies, TV Shows, photos and music.
Record directly from your TV, VCR, DVD player, cable box or satellite receiver and playback your video content anywhere, at any time, on any PAL or NTSC TV (with optional DVR Station Gen 5 not supplied).

Stream and watch videos from your PC.

Download movies directly on your device with the ARCHOS content portal.
Surf the Web with optional web browser (not supplied), share content and access Web Video

View, zoom photos and make slide show with music and transition effect.
Can store up to 150 hours of MPEG4 video.
Can store up to 800, 000 pictures.
Can store up to 45,000 songs or 80GB of data.

Audio recording via the optional DVR Station Gen 5/ DVR travel adapter (not supplied).Stereo line in, WAV (IMA ADPCM or PCM) format.

Timer record facility to make scheduled recordings (with optional DVR station Gen 5 or travel adapter kit not supplied).

Built in external speaker.

Format compatibility:
Audio playback: Stereo MP3 decoding @ 30-320 Kbits/s CBR & VBR, WMA, Protected WMA, WAV (PCM/ADPCM).
- AAC5 stereo audio files
- AC3 stereo audio and 5.1 sound files

Video playback: MPEG-4(4) ([email protected] AVI, up to DVD resolution).
WMV ([email protected], up to DVD resolution).

With optional software plug-ins.
- Video Podcast plug-in: H.264 up to DVD resolution and AAC.
- Cinema Plug-in: MPEG-2 [email protected] up to 10 Mbps (up to DVD resolution) and AC3 stereo sound (5.1).

USB 2.0 High-Speed Device (compatible USB 1.1): Mass Storage Class (MSC) and Media Transport Protocol (MTP).

USB 2.0 Host: Mass Storage Class (MSC) and Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) with optional mini dock, battery dock and DVR stations not supplied.

USB host and USB for PC connection.

Minimum PC specification Windows ME, 2000, XP, Media Center, Vista; Macintosh: OS X or higher (with USB Mass Storage Class support), Linux (with mass storage device support), USB port.

For PlaysForSureTM video and subscription services: PC with Windows XP SP 2 or higher, Windows Media Player 10 or higher, USB 2.0 port.

In ear headphones (supplied).

Remote control battery supplied.

USB 2.0 cable supplied.

USB host adaptor.

AC adapter and charger supplied.
Protective case supplied.

2 Styli

User guide.

With optional web browser plug-in.



Thanks for posting.And it looks a great deal.
This is a link, made by rayman, which explains how to add images in great detail. It’s worth taking a look at if you are going to post more deals in future : -…hr/
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Hi Andywedge

Thanks for the info, will do in future


Loads on the interwebby about these. You really need to factor in the cost of plug-ins in order to achieve full functionality.

I bought a 605 at a bargain price but really puzzle how and why I should use it more.…905

I bought the Archos 605 when it was on offer a while back and can say it is an excellent bit of kit. I can only assume that the 705 will be better. At this price I certainly would be purchasing the 705 if I hadnt recently bought the previous model.
With regards to the plug-ins, you can buy them from the Archos website (between £20-£30 each). Alternatively, some sellers on ebay offer a bundle of all the plug ins (3 I think) for about £30 in total. I bought plug ins from both the official site and ebay and they all worked fine.
The main plug-in you will need is the internet one. In addition to providing internet fuctionality, this enables you to install and play flash games and also free archos widgets. There is a cinema plug-in which is useful if you want to play ripped dvds on the player, however standard .avi and .wmv files work fine without it.
You may also need to buy a wall charger (ebay or official archos) as the USB cable supplied can take hours (it has taken me up to 24!) to charge the player.
I would definitely recommend purchasing this if you like high quality players and are a gadget lover. The only real downside with the 605 (not sure if it applies to the 705) is that the battery life is quite poor. This can be overcome with extra battery packs you can buy from ebay.
Hope that helps

I got a 704 when Argos were selling them cheap 18 months ago, it works on the Internet straight from the box. It is very similar to the 705, battery life is fine, and the battery holds its charge well when stored. Surprised the 705 needs a plug-in to be purchased to enable Internet, maybe that's a differenece between xx4 and xx5 models.

I purchased my 705 wifi 160gb for just under £180 about 6 weeks ago, ill see if i can find the link.....

EDIT: It was from DABS but they got none left
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