Archos 70b Xenon 3g tablet £49 @ currys

Archos 70b Xenon 3g tablet £49 @ currys

Found 19th Sep 2015
Specifications may not be the best but great price for people needing a 3g tablet
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being archos most likely means will fall apart whilst dual core means will likely be slow too, know it is 3g but seems Luke warm to me
1024 x 600
Looks OK for the dough. heat
horrible tablets that break incredibly easily, you would feel robbed if you paid more this
Archos = Garbage
Crap tablet get the Amazon Fire tablet instead it's the same price and way better
Agreed not a great brand. I bought an archos gamepad once and it was nothing but problems, both software and hardware issues. I vowed never to buy archos again.
Have to say I'm using this now got it for last Christmas... Not the best charges when it wants to, blue lines when scrolling up, but paid £99 so you could take the risk at this price but that's exactly what it will be a risk!
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