Archos 80 G9  £199.99 @ PCWorld

Archos 80 G9 £199.99 @ PCWorld

Found 30th Nov 2011
Archos 80 G9 with 512mb RAM, and 8gb on board memory
8 inch lcd tft capacitive screen and OMAP 4 ARM CORTEXTM dual-core A9 1.0 GHz processor
PC World also have a 10% discount applied at checkout which brings the unit price to a very reasonable £180.00. (Online only deal)

I think this is a good deal for the unit - but would welcome comments for any better deasls that may be out there for a similar spec unit.
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heard this is rubbish, if you after a cheap tablet then:-

hp touchpad - £89 and £115 no hop but plenty on ebay and amazon at 170-220. excellent tablet but limited support, future uncertain but bug free android 2.3 coming very soon. excellent accessories

galaxy tab 7 £149 Tesco if any, £220 amazon warehouse if any - good device, almost every feature youd want wifi, bluetooth, gps, 3g, android 2.3 when upgraded, plays games with ease that the archos 70 struggles with

archos 70 8gb - £99 - good cheap device - tons of support from archos and community - can be quite slow, plastic screen, struggles with newer games

andypad - £179 gadget show cheap tablet winner, never used one but gets lots of good reviews. silly name, mind

blackberry playbook 7 £249 - good screen, but might go cheaper

Kindle Fire - £? iv heard £149 and £199, seems like a decent tablet but limited features and a cut down version of android - wifi only and ive hear non expandable 8gb storage of which only 6gb available for user content, joke if true - sure you have cloud but thats no good if you have no wifi
That cNet review was for the versions with a didgy screen, now fixed
I believe.
i would get one of these for my daughter but doesn't look to be any instock anywhere near me !
I have got one recently... Tablet is very very good... Apparently my one is not showing any problems with the screen.... Cheapest 3.2 tablet.... and quick, responsive, screen can be viewed at more than 145 degrees angle, Mini Hdmi, Lots of Apps, and made of Archos....

As of I know most of the stores have got only one in stock... So go down to the store and check it....All the stores have got only one in stock but most of the stores don't have it on display...


i would get one of these for my daughter but doesn't look to be any … i would get one of these for my daughter but doesn't look to be any instock anywhere near me !

thought this was the standard rrp - but very promising tablet for the money
Same price @
Would be good @ £180 if they were in stock anywhere.
Got it today from Currys for £150
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