Archos-80GB-TV-Plus  £79.99 @ Play

Archos-80GB-TV-Plus £79.99 @ Play

Found 31st Aug 2009
Cheaper than most places? Certainly.

Any good? Who knows?...

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Not exactly a raving review lol

StevenA2000_uk;6173620 exactly a raving review lol

I second that.

Looks pretty awful compared to some of the other media players out there.

Original Poster

How bad can it really be? There must be hacks out there somewhere...

Does look pretty grim though

Bought the 160Gb one a while ago, used it a bit but not done for months and months, never really lived up to it's potential due to formats it would play and a bit buggy. Could never get it to record in correct aspect ratio either and it needs external source to record TV. EPG is poor too.
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