Archos Arnova 10" G2 Tablet £49 Instore @ The Original Factory Shop

Archos Arnova 10" G2 Tablet £49 Instore @ The Original Factory Shop

Found 1st Dec 2014
Link goes to online but has been sold out for a couple of days. Follow link for more info on the tablet.

The Arhcos 10” G2 Tablet is an ultra-portable tablet, weighing in at just 540g! it’s perfect to fit into your bag and take wherever you go.

It hosts a powerful 1GHz processor with an Android operating system, giving you a fantastic internet experience.

The tablet includes a camera and video recorder to capture those magical moments.

The tablet has a microsSD card slot meaning you have plenty of space for any media files, such as music, pictures and films.

It has an impressive 10” multi touch screen with amazing clarity and graphics making it ideal for browing the web, sending emails, watching films and listening to music. You can even stream TV content from sites such as itv, 4OD and BBC Iplayer.

With over 30,000 apps available you’ll never get bored and is perfect for kids and grandkids to play on.

This tablet is wifi enabled, meaning you can stream from any wifi enabled location.


You're better off getting something different for £49. Out of date software, show processor, and a poor brand in Archos.

Keep in mind these are cheap cause they are old and crap.

single core 1GHz
512mb ram
android 2.3
1024x600 screen

This tablet is several years old and is not Google certified therefore does not have the Google Play Store, it has it's own App store with very limited options. I had one for a couple of years and found the best option was to root and install one of many custom roms available. Even when doing this your options will be limited by the version of Android available, don't expect to be able to load XBMC etc

Stay clear of Archos products, rubbish customer service, non existent firmware updates, poorly built devices.

I have one of these in the drawer. It was fine a couple of years ago but any modern tablet is miles ahead in terms of speed and quality of display. For £100 you have a choice of several decent small tablets, all much better than this.
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