Archos Clipper 2GB MP3 Player - Black - now just £14.39 delivered @ MyMemory

Archos Clipper 2GB MP3 Player - Black - now just £14.39 delivered @ MyMemory

Found 4th Nov 2009
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The new ARCHOS Clipper is the music player youll always be able to carry with you. So tiny that you barely feel or see, its easily transportable and clips on anywhere. With a storage capacity big enough to hold 60 hours of music, and a price tag as small as the Clipper itself; the only question left is where will you clip it?.

The Clipper is a practical MP3 player, and as the name suggests, it has a handy clip to attach it to your jacket or jeans. It's compatible with MP3 and WMA file formats, and can store up to 60 hours of music or podcasts for a battery life of 11 hours. Plus, the Clipper can be easily recharged via your computer's USB connection.
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Tread light, play your music
Make the Clipper even better over your sweater
The ARCHOS Clipper is not only an MP3 player, it really is your daily companion that’s clipped on your shirt when you’re going to work, on your sweatshirt when you’re working out, or even on your cap while taking a nap.

This is why the ARCHOS Clipper exists. Built for music and podcasts, and its ease of use, you’ve got your listening needs covered with space for over a thousand music tracks or 60 hours of podcasts whether the format is MP3 or WMA.

Shuffle or normal play…
…you decide. It’s really easy to pass from one mode to another; just hold the play button and switch between the two as you like. Want to keep listening to the same artist that is currently playing? Then normal mode is the right one for you. If you want to let the ARCHOS Clipper choose the next song for you, fine, then switch to the shuffle mode.

Package Includes:
- ARCHOS Clipper
- Player
- USB Cable (for charging and file transfer)
- Earphones
- User guide
Neat little player. I like the up to 11hours playback time. Shame it has no microphone built-in.

Will order one as a spare. Thanks!
nice enough, but the one i posted here…541

has twice the memory for about twice the price, is a lot better looking (IMO) and has bluetooth functionality

yours would be an excellent player if it had a speaker (like my zen stone)

hot for what it is though
good price thanks for posting. Don't forget 6% quidco
Looks easy to use ... ordered as a Christmas present.
comes highly recommended by the gadget show too :))…uch

shame its not available in a variety of colours too....

You’ll get so used to it that your morning habits will become shirts, p … You’ll get so used to it that your morning habits will become shirts, pants, zipper and Clipper.

Ad-men don't half talk some b******s!
Cheers, good find.
Ordered for my son as a xmas filler . Cheaper than a Ipod shuffle and twice the memory.
Heat added.
Unfortunately the MYGIFT10 discount code no longer works.
Still a bargain at £16
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