Archos Gampad 2. Reserve for in-store collection. £99.99 @ Maplin

Archos Gampad 2. Reserve for in-store collection. £99.99 @ Maplin

Found 3rd Dec 2014
Seems to be the cheapest about at the moment. We know Archos are not know for excellent customer service but if it keeps the kids quiet on a trip out that's good enough for me. Reviews ain't too bad and UK warranty if something goes wrong unlike the JXD which I originally thought of buying. Couldn't find any vouchers to get the price down, nor any cashback because it's store collection only

Might suit someone.


Thanks for sharing, I was looking to replace first model I've had for last year and a bit. Brilliant for emulators.

Any good for GTA does anyone know?

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There's a few vids on youtube showing it run GTA. Looks good to me.

Cheers Dusty.

Its alright but the QC is appalling, youll be lucky to get a perfect unit. At least with Maplin you can return it if you are unhappy with it. PS I also have the gamepad 1 and JXD 7800b and this is far better than the first gamepad and on a par technically to the JXD. Also I paid around £80 for the 16gb version (this is 8gb) from a fulfilled by Amazon seller, but this is still a good price from a high st seller.

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16GB here for another … 16GB here for another £12

Yep, that's the seller I got mine from. Worth pointing out though if you arnt happy with your unit you can only get a refund (then repurchase if required). I bought my replacement first before a refund unfortunately since the price had gone up, and sent the 'replacement' back for a refund. Like I said thought neither were of a high quality (dust under the screen, non-functioning LED and loose spongy trigger button).

this or the ps vita?

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20 quid cheaper now and it the 16GB version not the 8GB..
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