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Archos Diamond 2 Plus  £199 Octacore, 64+4Gb, fingerprint, 5.5" FHD, Marshmallow, MiscoSD slot, 3000mAh
Found 4th Aug 2016Found 4th Aug 2016
Excellent specs. Same phone as the Bush Spira e3x ------------------------ Main specs:… Read more
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​which nobody other than the OP has managed, so i wouldnt use that as a legitimate alternative.


I don't know why people criticise smaller brand names' lack of commitment to their customers by not releasing software updates, when mega manufacturers also show the same lack of commitment. Samsung, for example, seems to include it's flagship devices in updates for around a year before seemingly forgetting they exist, leaving millions of customers holding out of date devices that cost them upwards of £600 just a year ago at best. I bought a galaxy tab s 10.5 on its release date because it was, at that time, unequalled by any other device. It got one OS update, to lollipop, before being left high and dry. I can't remember the last time a security patch was issued. But the most infuriating thing about this is that 2 years on, the original tab s is still widely considered to be the best android tablet on the market. It certainly still attracts a premium price when buying brand new. But it's been left languishing due to Samsung's policy of not supporting "older" devices.


​Yeah.. Its an older spec thing, most Chinese companies are now leaning towards the hybrid sim thing - I guess they think the people who use dual sim are more business type people who need multiple numbers rather than using it as a personal phone.


Better deal/phone IMO, IF you can get it (could be a miss-price at this store only) - check your local Vodafone store anyway - you never know! 'Only' 32+3Gb, but has NFC, microsd slot & just about everything else: Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 (£135) excluding PAYG £10 sim. £145 Instore @ Bath The phones compared specs-wise here


Am I the only one who thinks why wont they make a dual sim phone that doesn't use the second sim slot for the bloody micro sd!

Archos Oyxgen 50c Dual SIM Octa-core 720p phone £92.00 @ Archos
Found 9th Aug 2015Found 9th Aug 2015
The Archos store is selling off this phone. It's not 4G, but assuming that isn't a deal-breaker, this seems a good deal for a dual-sim phone that, although it's not well known, has… Read more
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Buy a Lumia 640.


If you get the Chinese phone from a Chinese seller as most of them have a E.U Warehouse so it would cost as much to send it to France or some other place in the E.U,


Before buying anything ask Archos about whether and when they'll fix the stagefright security hole for their phones. The Archos phone I had WAS in fact a Chinese phone: Archos these days is simply a reseller (as far as phones are concerned). Support was so dreadful that I've switched to another company.


Agreed up to a point - at least you have a European distributor and the option of return to Archos in France. I've found their customer service to be pretty reasonable, respond within a day etc. If you order a Chinese phone from HK you are pretty much on your own.


I must agree with you, Archos support for firmware updates and customer service is dreadful, there are plenty of chinese phones with specs that way exceed this for a similar amount of money.

Archos 50 Diamond Sim-Free 4G Dual Sim Android Smartphone, 64-bit Octa-Core Snapdragon 615, 5" Full HD 1080p, 16GB, 8MP Front/16MP Rear Cameras £180.57 Delivered @ Archos
Found 29th Mar 2015Found 29th Mar 2015
Looks like a great price for a very full featured smartphone. Order now for delivery in the first week of April. 4G/LTE Cat 4 (150 Mbps) 5'' FullHD screen with IPS technology Qua… Read more

I'm looking for a new smartphone, was thinking of getting the Z3, but came across this, the specs look damn good for the money. Everyone seems to just slate the company rather than commenting on the phone itself and how it compares with others. From the reviews I've read, this seems to be a top contender for this price point. IPS screen, 8 cores, dual sim. ok it's on kit-kat - not really a deal breaker.


11 mm thick that's fat by modern standards


Review at Trusted Reviews The Zenfone 5 and base model Zenfone 2 (ZE500CL) are basically the same phone. The main differences being the OS version, lack of LTE on the 5 (unless you are after the Zenfone 5 LTE), and a smaller battery on the 5 (see here for full comparison).


Is the current 'zenfone 5' worth getting, approx £130 on ebay. Was thinking its either that or moto G2 for my mum, or any others to consider


Yeah shame that. Pretty annoyed that Asus aren't releasing any info regarding the UK at all tbh. There are a lot of people in the UK waiting on this phone and it would be nice to get a bit more info for us in the UK other than "We don't have any info just yet." (their constant copy and paste reply on Twitter.) Especially considering the Zenfone 2 was first announced back at the beginning of January... Asus seem to be treating France and Italy like the whole of "Europe". Do they not realize that giving an official release for 2 countries doesn't cover a whole continent?! Lots of people in UK waiting for this phone and if it really takes another 3/4 whole months to make its way over, I'm sure many will have turned to other alternatives by then :/

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Archos 50 Diamond - £180.60 Delivered @ Archos
Found 26th Feb 2015Found 26th Feb 2015
I was watching for the release of this phone as the specs seem really good . I had just ordered a second hand Note 3 when this was "released" . Looks like they are out of stock for… Read more

This deal should be updated. The black version is available to pre-order for 169.99 from 11th May and GSM Arena has given the phone a favourable review.


Same here, would be nice if it was £169.99 delivered though.


Interesting can't work out if the battery will last as long as a sony z2 as it has snapdragon 800 series


I know I shouldn't but I like the green. but it's yellow. anyways looks like a nice phone. heat.


For those disliking the green... There a black ish version too :)

Archos Gamepad Brand New Direct From Archos/Amazon £129.98
Found 21st Jan 2013Found 21st Jan 2013
I know folks will complain about this device from head to toe but people please give this one a chance. http://****… Read more
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....Okay... haha, incase anyone wonders, Ive played with this for a couple of days now.. its GOOD, but its not quite there, the buttons are extremely "clicky" and the lack of a proper D-pad makes some games frustrating..


Well its here, its nice, just setting up!.. Anyone want to talk Gamepad just reply :)


Anyone actually get one? Picking mine up tomorrow!


Got my tablet. And wont connect to my network Geez Archos truely a let down


I appreciate that, but it's especially not ideal as a gaming device.

Archos Gamepad Android Gaming Tablet
Found 6th Dec 2012Found 6th Dec 2012
I have been waiting for this for a long time. Seems really good. Bringing the physical to Android gaming Fully integrated game controller analogue sticks & 14 buttons Unique … Read more

its out now


Was about to post this myself! Don't know why so cold, seems like a fantastic deal - £130 would be good for a decent 7 inch android tablet, with the buttons and potential for retro gaming it's brilliant.


I bet people will be very surprised by this actually! For £130 its a bargain with them specs! Ty op!


As I have said before Archos ... Wouldn't touch if it's free ..., poor quality!!!


looks amazing oos though

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archos a101 g9 cinema plugin £8 (was £13)
Found 18th Oct 2012Found 18th Oct 2012
Just decided to purchase this plugin today to take advantage of the archos built in player as none of the alternatives were up to the job and saw that it had been reduced to £8. I … Read more

Yes but a bit choppy, not a patch on the archos one.


Even MX player or VLC didn't play all the files you threw at it?

Archos 101 G9 (8GB Flash) @ Archos £282.35 inc delivery
Found 7th Oct 2011Found 7th Oct 2011
The new 101 G9 Archos is finally available on the Archos website, originally listed at £299.99 it is now showing at £269.99 Spec Sheet:… Read more

These ppl don't seem to like Archos's own store if they see a Archos for sale at say HMV they vote and make it a hot deal but if the same product is for sale from Archos direct they vote it down so it's a cold deal which is very confusing since their the same products just ones from a third party while the other is direct from the manufacturer.


Tend to agree. I've already got a single core cpu 101 gen8 and happy with it. The G9 is potentially a very good machine but i wouldn't buy right now because: 1) competition at the 'budget' end of the tablet market is really hotting up and expect prices to fall further in the coming months. iPad has the 'luxury' end tied up. 2) In qtr1 2012, many of the G9 models will be equipped with significantly faster cpu's (the new cpu's were intended to be ready now but have been delayed) . 3) Archos are notorious for releasing buggy products and then fixing them with a series of software/firmware updates. I have some sympathy for Archos. Their products are generally good. The 101 excels at media handling and networking but Archos is a relatively small company that just doesnt have the resources of the big boys (apple,samsung etc) to throw at new product development. I'm looking to upgrade but am going to wait a while.


Gonna wait until December (may have been knocked back until early 2012) when the 16GB / 1.5Ghz version is released.


This is a really odd one. Archos I associate with slow media players that try and scam you with limited functionality until you keep on upgrading to the deluxe versions. This however, well it looks pretty good. It's a decent spec, good price compared to the other dual core tablets doing the rounds and it looks quite versatile in what you can do with it once you've got one. I haven't read any reviews, put purely on the spec, I like it.


Is this the find the most obscure store that you've never actually used thread?

Archos 80 G9 8GB - £199.99 @ Archos
Found 22nd Sep 2011Found 22nd Sep 2011
Archos have released their Archos 80 G9 for order on their website for £199.99 which is £30 cheaper then HMV pre order which doesn't get them until 1 Oct 2011 so if you want 1 now … Read more

Early review here Being able to play any video you throw at it is very attractive and it supports MKVs!! Plus it can charge via USB which is fantastic. I really wish I hadn't of been so hasty shelling out £160 for a Hannspad. It's too way too heavy and more to the point I am having to jump through hoops on a daily basis with getting things like certain software to run on custom ROMS. Would be nice to just have HoneyComb work properly on a device. Once they correct the problem with the screen warping at the manufacturing stage it overall this seems like a very very decent budget tablet, looks like Archos have really done well with this tablet.


Got a email this morning from Archos, here is the body for those who are a little concerned about the memory G9 tablets feature 512MB of RAM. But this is combined with special memory management in honeycomb, optimized for 512MB by ARCHOS software engineers and their 3 years of Android experience. In this way we’re able to offer lower memory amounts without sacrificing the usability of Honeycomb –this is an investment that ARCHOS have made in software engineering that has allowed us to pass on the saving on RAM to our users, offering the lowest priced Honeycomb tablets on the market.


Seems people would rather get it from HMV lol


Why are people voting cold? Is there something I don't know? The Galaxy Tab (7") is still priced at £249 - This is cheaper, has better hardware, and has newer software (Honeycomb 3.2)? The 4:3 ratio and 1024x768 resolution seems perfect for use as an eReader - same as an iPad.


If you'e doing lots of data input....documents...programing etc...I'd go for a netbook....

Archos 5 - 60gig £179 @ Archos
Found 1st Oct 2009Found 1st Oct 2009
Apparently looks like a good deal? Have the 605 can't warrant an upgrade may be good for some.

What about the 7?? I assume support has been discontinued for that too.


My AV500 has probably had 30 glitches / reboots in 3 years. My Archos 5 has 100's in the 6 weeks I've owned it. Check the forums at Archos and you'll see I'm not alone. Archos have now officially stopped supporting the 5; there will be no more firmware updates or fixes. What it is now is what it will stay - a great idea, badly designed. They're puting all their attention into the Android platform and it feels like those that have bought the 5 are being treated as "suckers" and left behind.


Why badly executed? I had a AV300, then a 420, and now got an Archos 5 a few months ago. Not really used the Archos 5 a great deal, but it looks OK, so what's wrong with it, and should I not have upgraded? These things are great for when I fly, but I've not travelled much lately, hence why I've not used my new toy much yet.


Now that did make me chuckle. I watch something on my Archos everyday. I might watch a TV show at lunch or a movie over three days - I love a dedicated portable media player and the Archos 5 is a great idea badly executed. And I think Archos know that.


i use mine everyday on the train/breaks/lunch its brilliant for video watching. dont class these in the same league as watching something on a small low res phone screen

ARCHOS 605 WiFi Harry Potter 20GB  Was £ 188.88  Now £ 79.99
Found 5th Jul 2009Found 5th Jul 2009
ARCHOS 605 WiFi Harry Potter 20GB £ 188.88 £ 79.99 Incl. taxes Ref. 501025HPUK UPC Code: 690590570252 - 57 % -------------------------------- Join Harry Pot… Read more

Great Media players with superb stunnig screen and picture quality. No arsing about with i-tunes either.. just drag and drop. The web plug- in is worth it as well. (go for the E-bay deal as smentioned above) This is not the best price ever for a 20gb unit but still excellant if you are lucky enough to get a bigger drive or dont need the space. The best deals were when PCW/Currys sold their stock off last year and I paid £89 for the 40GB and it had an 80GB drive in it as did many others, They were selling the 80GB's for £129 then. Far better in my opion than the Missus's ipod touch.


They are the harry potter models but with an 80gb hard drive. i dont know if bigger or heavier.


Was it the Harry Potter model? Apparently the 80GB is somewhat bigger and heavier than the 20/30GB - does yours correspond to that?


just recieved my 3. Thank you archos. 80gig hard drive fitted in each one


Bargain. just ordered 3 for Xmas pressies

Archos 204 20GB MP3 Player - £79.98 +  £14.80 Delivery @Archos
Found 13th Apr 2008Found 13th Apr 2008
I could not find a better price for this although Argos was selling this for £69.99 4 months ago to discontinue stock of this. There are probably better players out there now but t… Read more

QVC, one today back upto £180 ish, for there 405.... shame missed it at £100, ISH


QVC have a Archos 405 30GB Multimedia Player with 3.5'' TFT screen and docking station for £149.88 plus £5.95 postage.Available at this price today only as the item is today's special value on their TV channel. If you can't afford to pay the full anount straight away,there is a three month easy payment option available.


Brought this last year, argos, £100 , this is a hot find mate, only thing against it, is the fact a lot of people only want I.POD, stuff,... Not me, i like it, and my other 4 mp3 players.. i use this to store all my top cds on, it holds loads, and it can drag and drop. etc, nice one, martyn THING IS, SHAME ABOUT THE POSTAGE.. RIP OFF.

Archos AV700TV 40gb Portable Digital TV Receiver/Recorder - £170
Found 14th Apr 2007Found 14th Apr 2007
Refurbished AV700 with 7" LCD 480x234 pixels, 262 000 colours and TV output. Cheapest elsewhere for a refub one is in the region of £275 with new ones for £375. Archos refurbishe… Read more

Got my Barclays Bank invoice today which showed Total Charge of £189.52 :-D -Payment to Archos SA France = E272.39 -Exchange Rate = 1.437 -Commision = £5.08 :thumbsup:


These are being sold off as the new model 704 wifi has just been released in conjunction last week with qvc's "todays special deal". I ordered the new 80gb version from them with the pvr pack for @ £350. Recieved it a few days ago and its brillaint. Can also be used as a wireless streamer of music/video. The screen is great also. Check out the owners forum of archos stuff for further details on all models.


Whilst this a pretty good deal, I would caution those who are looking to buy a truly portable device. I was on the verge of buying an AV700 some time ago and extensively researched Archos products in various users forums. I eventually went for the AV500 30gb which I think cost me about 285GBP at the time. It seriously is the best and most versatile piece of kit I have ever bought. Smaller screen than the AV700 but much better screen resolution and superb build quality. It slips in a pocket quite easily and can be used relatively unobtrusively on planes, trains and automobliles! The same cannot be said of the larger screen model. The AV500 can also be used as full function mp3 player, photo viewer (ideal for backing up digital camera when on holiday I find), PVR, external hard drive etc. etc. I note that the Archos site has these refurbished for around 205GBP - seems a very good price and would be worth considering for what, in my view, is a better option than the AV700.


I think they mean the two tuners work in parallel to produce one more stable picture, rather than two indivitual feeds. Hauppauge have recently brought out a Freeview USB stick which can do something similar on your PC, that however has the option of using it as a twin tuner device or using both tuners together to get a stronger signal. I'm waiting for one of those to arrive at the moment. I've owned a couple of other Archos media devices which at the time I was quite impressed by in some ways. The software on the device I wasn't too keen on.


I don't recommend it. Resolution is to low for such a big screen. Video displayed looks like footage played on old ntsc screen plus everything you record, even 16:9 programs records as 4:3 and if you want to watch it on full screen it doesn't stretch it but zoom it so you loose some of it...

Archos AV 700 40GB £134 In-Store Using Voucher
Found 5th Jan 2007Found 5th Jan 2007
Please don't flame me if this isn't a good deal but I have just been to my local staples store in south east london and purchased a brand new sealed Archos AV 700 40GB for £149 I … Read more

Is this still in stores?


Thanks Solidamber.. went back and they checked and the price was £149, I asked if they had any in stock but they said no and the only place was North Wales. I asked if I could get a discount as display stock, told yes 10%, so would be £130.. great I thought.. guy serving me went into the back and came back after a few minutes and said I couldn't have the 10% discount as it was already reduced as discontinued, then he said he thinks he had all the stuff, leads etc, but no software, so I said I would leave it, at which point he put it back in the cabinet and put a £199 sales sticker next to it :?


Hi Guys, heres the grundig link, now at £ 99.99, and its a 30 gig unit ! :thumbsup:


Out of stock in Salisbury :(:(:( And I thought I was going to finally get a replacement for my knackered old Rio Karma :(:(:(


My local Staples (Gloucester) knew about them, but have had none for a while, too.

Archos Refurbished Quality Products from £67.13 Example: XS202 20Gb Mp3 Player £87.26
Found 28th Oct 2006Found 28th Oct 2006
Archos have some good offers on their refurbished products pages. Gold label respect the following criterias: Product entirely remanufactured as new * Software entirely updated * … Read more

I can't speak for all Archos models, but I have had an AV400 and have an AV700 and they both play DivX and XVid files.


You need to revisit that idea you have - I don't think females are impressed by technology...


but surely no-one actually uses these items,it is to impress females until you get a car?.


My Cowon does Divx but do you really want to watch video on 1.5" screen? Even my phone's 2.5" screen is too small for it.


I returned an iPod video because the screen was really too small for video. What I did see was good quality though. I'm not sure about a PC but on a Mac the conversion for playback on an iPod via Handbrake is extremely simple and speedy.

archos av700 40gb
Found 16th Oct 2006Found 16th Oct 2006
not sure if this is a deal or not,as archos use euro,but cheapest i can find is amazon £260.working on exchange rate this seems to be under £220 delivered. Archos refurbished prod… Read more

No probs, as long as we know :)


ah when it said as new presumed 12 months,but checking site it is infact only 6 months sorry.


It seems like a good price, after having a quick look around other stores. And from the looks of it, the refurbished thing wouldn't even be an issue, as it has the gold label. Can you spot how long the guarantee is?