Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP Socket 775 Cooler = £6.60 delivered @ Kikatek

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 LP Socket 775 Cooler = £6.60 delivered @ Kikatek

Found 27th Nov 2011
Insanely cheap!! You really can't go wrong for this price ... got over 500 degrees when it was on offer for £12.99 recently at PC World!

Free super saver delivery.

Credit card payment costs a whole 4 pence more.

Official blurb...

Main Features:

Dual Heatpipes Design
Optimized Heatsink Design for Low Profile Intel Systems
80 mm PWM Fan
Patented Fan Holder eliminates the Humming Noise
Pre-applied High Performance Thermal Compound
Easy Installation via Push Pins
Light Weight, Transport Save
6 Years Warranty
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    Thread last week for this item @ £12.99 last week if you want to read the chat about it...…557

    It did briefly go for £4.97 in clearance a day later and still shows up on PC World's website but good luck finding any store with stock!
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    Op - aren't these two different products? The one you have posted the deal on and the one you talk about in your description are different. Also the image you've used is incorrect.

    Arctic Cooler 7 Rev2
    This isn't the second revision
    This is the low profile model for HTPCs and small cases that's why it's cheap.
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    Thanks for noticing my error guys, sorry!
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