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ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 RGB Multi Compatible All-in-One CPU Water Cooler with RGB - £83.99 Delivered @ MoreCoCo

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Best CPU Water Cooler
The Liquid Freezer II series has been tested numerous times by independent reviewers and praised for its performance, price and quietness. It consistently exceeds all expectations and sets new standards in compact water cooling. As a further mark of recognition, the Liquid Freezer II series was awarded the “European Hardware Award 2022” for the best CPU water cooler.
Light Up Your System
The Liquid Freezer II RGB combines the Liquid Freezer II series' efficient, proprietary PWM water pump with ARCTIC's new RGB fans optimized for static pressure. If your motherboard does not have its own RGB header, the lighting can also be controlled with the ARCTIC RGB controller.
Outstanding Performance
The all-in-one cooling handles the entire cooling requirements - even of the most powerful processors from Intel® and AMD®. It performs effortlessly with over 200 W of heat to be dissipated, which is why your CPU can be kept cool even in extreme overclocking. When it comes to competitive products from leading cooler manufacturers, the Liquid Freezer II leaves them behind in terms of both performance and noise level.
Efficient, Proprietary Pump
While many competitors use a generic water pump, we‘ve gone to great lengths to develop our own. The results? Quieter operation and higher efficiency. And, like the Liquid Freezer II’s fans, the water pump is PWM-controlled and adjusts its speed accordingly. This not only leads to significantly lower noise levels at low and typical loads, but also a much lower power consumption for all components of the AiO.
Premium Class Radiator
Unlike most all-in-one liquid cooling manufacturers, we rely on 38mm thick radiators with a high fin density. This allows a larger amount of water to be used in the circuit and significantly increases the cooling surface area.Water has a much higher heat capacity than aluminum or copper. This leads to a slower and an up to 5 °C lower temperature increase in the time-limited turbo mode of modern CPUs.
Quiet VRM Fan
Small fans have the reputation of being particularly loud and not very durable; that’s why we set out to develop a quiet, sturdy diagonal fan especially for the Liquid Freezer II. We’re 100% convinced that this 40 mm fan is just as durable as our other case fans. If the fan doesn’t live up to our claims, our customer service team will send you a replacement free of charge (without you having to replace the entire unit).The fan is PWM-controlled and can cool your voltage converters and the socket area almost inaudibly by up to 15 °C especially in overclocking scenarios, with insufficient VRM cooling or in cases with low airflow and thus allows continuous high load. Provided there is sufficient VRM cooling, it can be turned off at will.
High Quality Tubing with Integrated Cable Management
The Liquid Freezer II's fiber-reinforced 45 cm tubing allows for installation even in large cases and effectively prevents coolant evaporation, so you don't have to worry about refilling your compact water cooling system.Plus, our sophisticated cable management hides both the RGB and PWM cables of your radiator fans in the sleeving.This makes installation easy and tidy: you only have to connect two connectors to the mainboard, and there are no other cables to hide.
Fans Optimized for Static Pressure
The illuminated P-fans are already mounted on the radiator from the factory. During the development of the new P-serie fans, special emphasis was placed on a focused airflow and thus a high static pressure. The fans guarantee extremely efficient cooling, even with increased air resistance. Therefore, the P-series fans are particularly suitable for use on heatsinks and radiators.
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    Really good cooling system

    Gamers nexus did a good test on this and found it also had the flattest heating, so the heat transferred and contact points were much better.

    This one's certainly the one to go for. (edited)
    yeh from what i gather these are the ones to get. That said, ive got nzxt and corsair running on some PC's and you wouldnt need anything more. Neither ever get saturated and the plates are plenty efficient so as to keep the peak cpu temp well below air coolers.

    Im pretty sure the 360 version was this price a couple of years back!
  2. Avatar
    Thanks OP! I was actually looking into AIO cooling yesterday!
  3. Avatar
    Morecoco? No thankyou... I'm lactose intolerant
    Why they changed the name from More Computers to this is beyond me
  4. Avatar
    Use this in my 13600k and even with a overclock temps never go over 60. Thing is a cooling beast
  5. Avatar
    Does this work with latest intel socket? (edited)
    Yes there a kit included or you can get one sent if it's missing.
  6. Avatar
    Tried to fit this to an AM4 board, was an absolute nightmare so sent it back.
    Thats a shame. You could have followed the instructions here man. I can do this with eyes shut now. I have a few of them.

  7. Avatar
    This is future proof for Am5. It cools amazingly well. There is not much gain compared with the 360 version. So this one is good value for money. I personally prefer the non-rgb version which can be seen few pounds cheaper. (edited)
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  9. Avatar
    if you can fit and afford the 420mm version do it,
    makes an even more silent beast.