Arctic Monkeys - Humbug CD £3.99 @ HMV

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug CD £3.99 @ HMV

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Arctic Monkeys' third album is ready to further consolidate them as one of the greatest young bands on the planet. 'Humbug', which was produced by Josh Homme in the Mojave desert and by James Ford in Brooklyn, showcases a brooding and majestic new sound for the band. Includes the single 'Crying Lighning'.

* 1. My Propeller
* 2. Crying Lightning
* 3. Dangerous Animals
* 4. Secret Door
* 5. Potion Approaching
* 6. Fire And The Thud
* 7. Cornerstone
* 8. Dance Little Liar
* 9. Pretty Visitors
* 10. The Jeweller's Hands


wow this album=epic fail

this would be too much money if it was free

Tuneless and dreary


it just different, id still give it 5/5


wow this album=epic failthis would be too much money if it was free

somebody that doesnt no what they are talking about !

nuttyhotspurs avatar = epic fail


wow this album=epic failthis would be too much money if it was free

you are epic fail.


Personally thought this album was great, whilst the Top of the Pops bandwagonista (you know who you are Gordon Brown) other two albums were gashtastic.

Looking around, it would appear there's about three others who concur.

Perhaps thats because I'm a bit of a QOTSA/TCV fan, I don't know.

Arctic Monkeys - R.I.P :lazy:

Great album, well written lyrics which are delivered with impeccable timing. Hot deal! :thumbsup: Arctic Monkeys - RIP only if their 'fans' are narrow minded enough! :roll:

Went seeing them at MEN on the humbug tour.

Played mixture of new and old stuff and the new stuff sounded great live.

Amazing album. Those who dislike usually turn out to be the sort who prefer all their chart music to sound very samey... boring. Arctic Monkeys obviously took a risk and changed their style/sound, and it was a risk worth taking in my opinion.

I pre-ordered it for the full price and wasn't disappointed at all. £4 is an absolute bargain! :thumbsup:

Great price can't believe it's so cheap. Not the best from them but still a great album.

Great album, better than the 1st album but not as good as there 2nd album...
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