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ARCTIC MX-4 (8 g) Performance Thermal Paste for all processors (CPU, GPU - PC, PS4, XBOX) £5.92 @ Sold by BisLinks & Fulfilled by Amazon

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  • WELL PROVEN QUALITY: The design of our thermal paste packagings has changed several times, the formula of the composition has remained unchanged, so our MX pastes have stood for high quality
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste is made of carbon microparticles, guaranteeing extremely high thermal conductivity. This ensures that heat from the CPU/GPU is dissipated quickly & efficiently
  • SAFE APPLICATION: The MX-4 is metal-free and non-electrical conductive which eliminates any risks of causing short circuit, adding more protection to the CPU and VGA cards
  • HIGH DURABILITY: In contrast to metal and silicon thermal compound, the MX-4 does not compromise over time. Once applied, you do not need to apply it again as it will last at least for 8 years
  • EASY TO APPLY: With an ideal consistency, the MX-4 is very easy to use, even for beginners
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    Be careful buying this from Amazon, I got a load of fakes
    Just got mine from this seller on Amazon and it's authentic
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    MX-6 is only slightly more on Amazon
    Didn’t even know that was out, they pulled mx5 due too issues, I’d leave that mx6 for a while just in case and keep an eye out for reviews 
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    Would use this for a console repair.
    But for PC it is Thermal Grizzly or nothing for me.
    MX6 is excellent for overclocked/watercooled. MX4 is fine for most people with home PCs
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    wait, i'm sure 6 pounds is the regular price
    Yea but for some reason this gets sky rocket heat every time it's posted. I've never been able to figure it out.
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    How would you apply this on ps4/ps5
    Same way you would a pc, I used it on mine. (edited)
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    Reminds me of the time I was repairing the Red Ring of Death on the xbox 360
    did you not have a towel?
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    Will this get my teeth 5 shades whiter?
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    Nothing to do with this brand but I've used my leftovers for Aerial connetions etc to hope for better signal transfer
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    Bought one last time when sold by Amazon. Definitely recommend Arctic.
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    Been using it years, good Tim there was an mx 5 but they pulled it from sale..  (edited)
    Wondered why I couldn’t find any. Do you know why it was discontinued? 
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    is there much difference between this and MX2? i still got some in the drawer. unsure if this is worth the purchase at the moment
    MX-2 is good stuff. Don’t believe the hardcore gamer guff , you won’t see any real difference between the two.
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    good deal now I need to buy a CPU too
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    Used this on my 5700X with an Arctic Freezer 33 cooler. Never seen any temps go above 58C while gaming.
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    Total random question..... Slightly related.....
    Looking to upgrade from an old multimeter, simpler to use and learn on, louder beep than mine mouse like, nice long prongs,croc clips maybe, illuminated display. Say £20 -40..... Is that viable ,,? Read a little about smart meters..... Are they user friendly ? Brand v features ,?

    And..... While here.... Great needle nose tweezers, advice please ️🙏 😘 (edited)