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ArcticApex Ice Bath Tub 360L - Ultimate Recovery & Wellness Solution - w/Voucher, Sold By Kantara Retail Limited FBA

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RELIABLE UK-BASED SELLER FOR EFFICIENT RECOVERY: ArcticApex is a brand you can trust, with the support and credibility of being a UK-based seller. Our 360L cold plunge tub offers a prompt and effective recovery solution for athletes and fitness buffs. Simply fill with ice and cold water to aid in reducing inflammation, easing muscle discomfort, and hastening recovery periods. Should you encounter any issues, expect them to be swiftly addressed within 24 hours.
Robust Structure: ArcticApex's ice tub outdoor unit is crafted with high-quality, durable materials designed to endure daily use and provide longevity. It features a reinforced base, robust handles, and a leak-proof structure, providing maximum dependability. A cover is included for protection when not in use.
Ease of Use: ArcticApex's cold plunge tub boasts an uncomplicated setup process that can be completed in minutes. Being lightweight and portable, this ice bath can be conveniently relocated and used wherever it suits you best - be it home, gym, or even while traveling.
Designed for Comfort: ArcticApex's ice bath tub for recovery incorporates a spacious interior (75cm x 70cm) designed to accommodate users of all sizes comfortably. Its ergonomic design ensures you can fully immerse your body in the cold plunge tub, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy without feeling restricted.
Adaptable & Efficient: The ArcticApex ice bath recovery tub is a versatile tool, adaptable for use in various settings (outdoor or indoor) and applications. Whether you're bouncing back from a rigorous workout, managing an injury, or aspiring to boost your overall wellness, the ArcticApex tub delivers an efficient cold water therapy solution.
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  1. palli's avatar
    I was thinking that this would be great for cold beers! ha ha
    Dribbles_MacTavish's avatar
    I was thinking the same, would be handy for BBQs in the summer
  2. refaey's avatar
    Exactly what we need in this country; more cold!
  3. eugene.driver's avatar
    What's this a bucket
    timidluke's avatar
    It’s an ArcticApex Ice Bath Tub 360L, hope this helps
  4. stingyguji's avatar
    I’ll just fill up the bathtub
    timidluke's avatar
    much easier that way, I turn on the lights instead of going out for sunlight too
  5. urbanbushwacker's avatar
  6. Scrooge_McDuckx94's avatar
    £35.99? When I follow link its still £49.99 with a fiver discount to £44.99! There are bigger ones on a certain auction site of same quality cheaper. Remember people, not everything on here is a hot deal.
    timidluke's avatar
    Has expired that’s all
  7. steve765's avatar
    Surprised this isn’t ice cold
  8. stevoRenno's avatar
    Portable torture chamber!
    timidluke's avatar
    chains sold separately
  9. The_Guru's avatar
  10. Ewen_Bruce's avatar
    Thought about giving this a go, but then I listened to the 'Sliced Bread' episode on Radio 4. A 30-second cold shower is just as good. This is basically just a fad. (edited)
  11. FunkiestMonkey's avatar
    can you fill with hot water and use as cheap Japanese bath?
  12. a_steve84's avatar
    Great deal, if you dont have a bath.

    Or a shower.

    That runs cold water.
  13. geordieant's avatar
    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. I've been looking at a cold tub for a while and going to take the 'plunge' on this one!
  14. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Cheaper than buying rain water collectors for the garden
    timidluke's avatar
    2-in-1, they’re missing out on marketing here
  15. GeekGrimmy's avatar

    am interested in some sort of plunge bath/tank, this seems a bit like you get what you pay for. Might be tempted to just see if i do actually use it before splurging on something more permanent.
    uberboy's avatar
    If you aren't on a water meter you are better just using your bath. If you buy one of these now it probably won't be cold all summer and autumn without lots of refilling/ice, even if you use frozen water bottles it will be difficult to get the temperature down enough to be beneficial.
  16. C_Mc's avatar
    How tall is this? Do you need steps to get in and out with back problems?
    timidluke's avatar
    there’s a video on the Amazon listing, looks short enough for most. Can’t speak for how tall you are though
  17. returnofthemac's avatar
  18. RoosterNo1's avatar
    Why ARE prople doing this ? as a vaccine test ?
    Ewen_Bruce's avatar
    It's just a passing bandwagon. It has no real benefits.
  19. markweatherill's avatar
    Buy this and be the butt of jokes.
's avatar