Are You Being Served? Series 1-5 Box Set - £27.97 !!!
Are You Being Served? Series 1-5 Box Set  - £27.97 !!!

Are You Being Served? Series 1-5 Box Set - £27.97 !!!

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Nice price for Are You Being Served? Series 1-5 DVD Box Set - it's only £27.97 delivered from amazon, and the cheapest i can see at another retailer is about £45!!

Details: "I'm free!"

With these words, just one unforgettable character among many in this classic TV sitcom was born. From the comedy pens of Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft (Dad's Army) came the DepartMental comedy madness that is Are You Being Served?.

There's hilarity at Grace Brothers, the High Street department store with a difference. Join in the fun as limp-wristed Mr Humphries and that blue-rinsed batle axe Mrs Slocombe lead the outrageous department store staff through the first five series of outrageously funny episodes!


Has anybody seen my pussy?

Sorry couldn't resist:oops: :giggle:

Do I take it, before I utter a single word that I'm barred from mentioning Mrs Slocombe's p##sy?!?!?!?
Fantastic price & already heated!!! Cheers, Emma

Edit - aaaarrrrggggghhhh, Muckypup, too damn quick!!!!!

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OOOh guys! Take it easy please!

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OOOh guys! Take it easy please!

That's not a line from the show?!?!

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That's not a line from the show?!?!

LOL Not that I recall!


OOOh guys! Take it easy please!

Wikipedia quote -
"After some time, it became widely criticized for its reliance on crude sexual stereotypes, e.g. jokes about Mrs Slocombe's "pussy" (cat), a sexual double entendre,".

BBC comedy guide -
'I'm free!,' shrieks Mr Humphries from menswear as, tape measure in trembling hand, he makes a beeline across the shop floor towards an unsuspecting male inside leg; meanwhile Mrs Slocombe, sporting an outrageously dyed bouffant, wonders aloud whether anyone has seen her pussy (she was, of course, referring to her cat) - and the British nation knew what it was in for: half an hour of sub-Carry On innuendo, sauntering alongside rather than attached to the accompanying plot. Broad, rude, crude and offensive were just a few of the criticisms levelled at this scatological sitcom, but the show had the perfect response to such highbrow jibes: ratings. It was loved by the public and they watched it in huge numbers, culminating in over 22 million viewers for a 1979 episode. To date, it remains phenomenally popular in re-runs.

(Just to put things into context)

I've owned all of these for years, all of the series are not yet available in UK but they've been available in US/Canada for years. If you're a fan get a multi-region player and order them in from there!

A big portion of double entendres.

Reminds of the time I walked into a bar and asked the bar maid for a large double entendre so the bar maid gave me one.

It's a shame that the cheapest price is now about 44 quid using the 10% @ The Hut as putting this out at the sort of price Emma found would have meant even more people would now be buying what would be possibly the best possible tribute to John Inman.

John Inman died this morning, aged 71, in St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, West London, at 4am after battling Hepatitis A for some time


John Inman's Official site is Temporarily Unavailable but there are some messages on the BBC site that say what a lot of people are thinking....

A shame - I loved John Inman, always made me smile :-)

Very sad news:-(

RIP John,my thoughts go to his family and friends.

Let's hope a good deal arrives soon for fans to remember him as he should be:)


Let's hope a good deal arrives soon for fans to remember him as he should … Let's hope a good deal arrives soon for fans to remember him as he should be:)

I've just worked out an answer for anyone still wanting all 5 series/seasons.
HMV carry all of them individually (some @ £6.99, some @ £7.99) & if you bought all 5 the total would come to £37.95....if you then use a £5 off a £35 spend that would take it to £32.95 & after Quidco down to £29.65 (even without either of these discounts it's still cheaper than buying the boxset @ the current price, which so far as I know offers nothing extra beyond a pink cardboard sleeve).
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